BMW with the help of agency Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners is launching a social campaign and website dubbed Snowchat, which will let users share pictures that last only seconds. The inspiration comes from the highly popular Snapchat app which has grown into tens of millions of young users.

The Snowchat site features the new BMW X4 which aims at a younger demographic. The Snowchat website let’s users wipe away the windshield to draw different shapes or messages. The virtual artwork can be shared on social media channels, like Facebook or Twitter. Built on the concept of ephemeral messaging, the image will disappear after five seconds upon opening. “We wanted to keep it very simple and tap into behavior that’s already out there with people who are online and using their phones,” said Paul Renner, executive creative director at Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal.

BMW hopes that the simplicity and ephemeral nature of the drawings will encourage users to get creative and share them with their friends. “We are trying to open our arms wider than just car enthusiasts and BMW fans,” Renner said. “We’re trying to invite people into the brand and let us be a part of their daily lives for the holidays.”

BMW has been pushing lately different marketing channels, from microsites for new products to Tumblr pages or the new Medium blogging platform. In an interview with BMWBLOG, Trudy Hardy, VP of Marketing for BMW USA, said the company is constantly adapting and revising their social media strategies to ensure the most engaging campaigns are being implemented.

[Source: AdWeek]