When you try to decide what cars to invite to your dyno day, a couple of BMW M3 and M4 are a always good choice. European Auto Source held a dyno day at their shop, providing the F8X community a way to measure stock power of their cars and showcasing to owners  their aftermarket tuning parts.

While we haven’t received the exact specifications for the cars showcased, they did give us a photo gallery of all the cars invited to the shop. You will notice several BMW E92 M3s, a M235i, some american muscle like the Corvette C5, a BMW 135i and a whole lot of people. Most of the lineup however was comprised of BMW M3 and M4 owners.

European Auto Source Dyno Day Image 25

It seems the new performance sedan and coupe from BMW are in high demand and events like these are a great opportunity to hang out with your fellow drivers, exchanging ideas and talking about horsepower. Just what performance model BMW owners like to do.

European Auto Source Dyno Day Image 23

Take a look at the media gallery below: