With the launch of the new BMW F23 2 Series Convertible, we’re bringing you a photo comparison with the previous generation BMW E88 1 Series Convertible. The new BMW 2 Series convertible has some big shoes to fill: The predecessor sold worldwide more than 130,000 units and was the most successful car in its segment.

With an overall length of 4.43 meters, the 2 Series Convertible dominates its predecessor by 7.2 centimeters, while being 2.6 centimeters wider. BMW also promises more space for all occupants and has the boot volume increased by 30 liters to a total of 335 liters. With the roof open, there are 280 liters available, 20 liters more than the “old” BMW 1 Series Convertible E88.

Especially for people who occasionally want to transport bulky things with the roof closed, the increased load-through-flap in the back seat offers a significant value. For example, the new 2 Series Convertible allows the transport of two snowboards or two 46-inch golf bags.


All-around modern engines with more power and lower fuel consumption are used in the BMW 2 Series Convertible. Besides a manual six-speed gearbox available for all F23 variants, the eight-speed ZF automatic transmission can be selected as well.

When it comes to safety features and infotainment features, the new 2 Series is a step ahead of the E88 1 Series, by offering more standard and optional equipment than ever.

In terms of driving dynamics, the 2 Series Convertible offers an adaptive suspension that can be tuned to suit any driving style, from comfortable to super sporty, with a touch of a button. A 20 percent increase in torsional rigidity will take care of the most body roll and deliver a great driving experience.

Here is the photo comparison:

[Source: Bimmertoday]