While the BMW F80 M3 has been out for quite some time, the previous generation BMW E92 M3 still packs quite a punch and is wholeheartedly driven by many even today. In an effort to take advantage of the car’s full capabilities, some modding is always a preferred step in order to keep up with the competition.

When striving for performance improvements, a lot of people will opt out for engine mods, but a small group will always prefer to lower the weight of the vehicle. And first thing that usually comes in mind are the strong and lightweight carbon fiber performance parts. It ticks all the boxes, doesn’t impact the car negatively, while also providing a visual upgrade.

BMW E92 M3 Carbon Fiber Boot Lid From Vorsteiner

This is where Vorsteiner excels and here you can see their carbon fiber boot lid aftermarket addition for a BMW E92 M3.

Made out of their signature pre-prag carbon fiber, this layout, design and manufacturing configuration provides an excellent part that resembles OEM specifications in terms of rigidity, but with a significantly lowered weight. With a carbon fiber boot lid, weight reduction is significant, but it also helps with keeping the center of gravity of the car lower to the ground by removing a large part of the body work above the wheels.

Installation of this aftermarket part is simple: remove the old boot lid, attach the new one and fasten the bolts on it nicely. That’s it! These carbon fiber parts can be painted in any color finish you would like, but we are certain more owners will leave it naked than paint it.

Check the media gallery below.

BMW E92 M3 Carbon Fiber Boot Lid From Vorsteiner