Brembo has been an industry leader in braking and friction technology for nearly 50 years, and was the first in the performance car industry to bring true competition car technology to every day driven street cars. Brembo also goes to lengths far beyond any other brake manufacturer to control the manufacturing and build process from start to finish- literally pouring their own raw metal in Brembo owned foundry facilities, enabling Brembo to control the metallurgy of their brake calipers and rotors from the absolute raw material stage.

Chicago-based aftermarket parts distributor IND is thrilled to announce Brembo’s new F80 M3 and F82 M4 applications!


Brembo’s new M3/M4 applications will include a host of options, including their industry standard GT caliper kits with steel discs, the excellent GT-R caliper kits with steel discs, and finally the new CCM-R carbon disc systems as well with both GT and GT-R calipers.

The GT kits will utilize Brembo’s renowned 380x34mm front and 380x28mm rear discs, with wide annulus, excellent thermal capacity, and Brembo’s floating disc system. The GT monobloc caliper is one of the most rigid in the industry giving the driver great pedal feel, excellent pad wear with little taper, and reliable braking performance on and off the track.


The upgraded GT-R calipers offer all of the benefits of the GT calipers, but add a number of features that allow them to operate at an even higher temperature. GT-R calipers are machined from a single piece of billet, which allows Brembo to apply their unique nickel plating- a technology pulled directly from their Formula 1 program. The GT-R calipers also feature vented pistons for even better temperature control.

Finally, the CCM-R disc option allows for the ultimate brake setup, utilizing Brembo’s new carbon ceramic discs for absolutely flawless performance.

Here is a photo gallery of the setup: