The fourth edition of the BMW M Festival took place last month at the legendary Nurburgring race track. The largest M Festival in the world is hosted around the 24 Hours of Nurburgring race which brings together 90 teams, 800 racing drivers and this year, 250,000 fans. Every year, M Festival promises to offer a 3-day unforgettable experience for BMW fans from around the world.

And this year’s event made no exception.

Driving To M Fest In Style


On Friday, June 20th, we headed to Frankfurt, Germany, to pickup our ride to Nurburgring. Courtesy of BMW M, we had the option to choose, once again, between the new BMW M3 Sedan and the M4 Coupe, two cars we had recently tested in Portugal. Shortly after we jumped into our Yas Marina Blue sedan, a ten car caravan of yellow and blue M3/M4s was formed while all heading to Nurburgring and drawing attention from everyone on the way there.


Taking a longer route than usual, we had once again the unique opportunity to see what the new M3 Sedan is made of, and through beautiful and curvy back roads, the super sporty sedan showed us why it’s the perfect companion, both on track and on regular roads. Aside from being a head turner, especially now when very few are available on German roads, the F80 M3 Sedan stands out with track-tuned chassis and the high RPM six-cylinder engine. Along with a lower weight compared to its predecessors, the racing-inspired features turn the M3/M4 into one of the most fun cars to drive.


Three hours and 250 km later, we arrived at the Nurburgring where once again our M3/M4 caravans was the center of attention.

The M Night

The first day of every M Festival kicks off with the M Night where thousands of guests from around the world gather at the M Festival hospitality which lies directly on the famed Nordschleife Runway. With its weatherproof tribune, T14 guarantees perfect conditions for watching the 24h Race while offering the best view of the track.


Live entertainment, 24h catering and beverages, racing drivers and access to BMW M executives are just some of the perks that guests get to enjoy in their first night at the Ring. And with Germany playing in the World Cup, the venue was even more electrifying.

Contests with exclusive prizes are also included in the program, making the night even more exciting.




Every year one of the highlights at the M Festival at Nurburgring is the M Corso event, 25 terrifying and merciless kilometers through the Eifel forests with heartbeat 180. A day before the 24 hour of Nurburgring race, the “Green Hell” becomes available to M Festival visitors who celebrate the iconic race track in their own M cars.


And some of those M cars are quite unique. From E30 M3s to Z8 Roadsters, 1Ms and M3 GTS models, the 2013 M Corso lineup was one of the most interesting ones to date. While 1Ms and M3s weren’t really out of ordinary here, there were plenty others that stood out, like Lime Green BMW M6 Coupe, a 3.0 CSL two Frozen Red M3 and M5 models.

Participation condition is to drive the Corso in his own vehicle and a ticket to the M Festival 2014.

Compared to previous years, the one lap ride was quite fast and exciting.


BMWBLOG attends the 2014 M Corso at Nurburgring

M Festival Lounge in the TÜV-Tower

Without a doubt, one of the best places to watch the 24 hrs race is from M Lounge Rooftop. The M Festival Lounge is on the fifth floor of the TÜV-Tower, the highest point on the Nurburgring. Here you can feel the very pulse of the race and enjoy an amazing view of the starting and finishing lines, as well as the box stops. The rooftop bar on top of the Lounge provides a 360° view of the entire racing track and beautiful surrounding countryside. Catering is provided during the entire race.


For those of you that would like to experience the race from upclose, BMW M offers guided paddock tours where you can enjoy the smell of melted rubber on the asphalt and the closeness of the BMW Team.

 Helicopter Rides – Adrenaline From High-Up

bmw-m-festival-helicopter-0 bmw-m-festival-helicopter-1

To make things even more exciting, helicopter rides are offered to those who would like to experience the 24 hr race from the sky. A quick 15 minutes ride in an elegant helicopter will not only increase your adrenaline, but it will also show you why this is the best race track in the world.

Celebrate The Teams At The Finish Line

After 24 hrs or intense racing, the most famous event in the world ends on Sunday at 4PM with thousands of car fans invading the pit stops to celebrate all the racing teams and their drivers. From up close, you can once again discover why the 24 hrs of Nurburgring is the ONE racing event everyone should experience in their life. The emotions, the hard work and the skills are all combined at the finish line.


Is it 2015 Yet?

Three days of pure emotions with other passionate M Fans at the M Festival makes us wish the event would take place more than once a year. Have been attending each one of the four editions of M Festival, we have come to appreciate the efforts and hard work that goes behind the scenes to organize an event of this scale. And every year, the BMW M team has outdone themselves, making the event more and more exciting.

Did we mention that included in the ticket is also free admittance to children under 7?

See you in 2015, M Fans!