This weekend, BMWBLOG had the unique opportunity to visit once again the M Test Center at Nurburgring. The special testing center is home to all BMW models that go through the usual Nurburgring testing and holds 11 car lifts and is occupied at times by 50 to 60 engineers and test drivers.

Our host again was Albert Biermann, Vice President of Engineering, M Automobiles and BMW Individual. He’s a die-hard BMW enthusiast and true car guy, and the best host possible for an M4 workshop.

What follows is a an exclusive video of an engineering talk he gave to the journalists about the new M3 and M4’s technology. To make this even more interesting, Biermann had the M4 Coupe up on a lift and we were invited to explore the car from underneath.


Let’s have a look at the video below and the exclusive photo gallery.