Upon our arrival at the test center, it was impossible not to feel a measure of awe and respect.  Every legendary M car to date has spent development time within these garages.  We are entering sacred M grounds, a short distance from the legendary Nurburgring.

As it turns out, this facility was not always owned by BMW.  A mechanic first owned it as a repair garage, and this mechanic eventually went on to demonstrate an affinity for modifying sports cars, including BMWs.

At the birth of the M brand, the decision was made to rent space from this mechanic in his garage.  This very garage was eventually rebuilt and modified, but it stands in the same location as the original building did.

The M Test Center now holds 11 car lifts and is occupied by 50 to 60 engineers and test drivers.

Enjoy our photo gallery of the M Test Center shot live during our visit earlier today.