BMWBLOG went to Portugal to test drive the new 2015 BMW M3 Sedan and the 2015 BMW M4 Coupe. Our review, both on track and on back roads, can be found here. To make it even more interesting, we tested both the M-DCT and manual transmission.

Along with the test drive, we also bring you an extensive photo gallery of the two M brothers, and some shots of the previous generations M3.

So how does the new M3 and M4 live up to the expectations? We certainly believe so, but we’re waiting for a longer test drive to see how it works in a urban environment as well.


“Which would I take? While I want to have sex with the M4 coupe equipped with manual, the M3 is a fabulous looking machine. Part of the badass proportions of the M3 come from the fact that the car is overall narrower than the M4 coupe, thus forcing the front aluminum quarter panels and rear steel panels to bulge out further at the wheel wells to accommodate the axle widths. So nasty looking. Yeah, I have a feeling I would go for the M3 with manual, even though the lighter and more sensual M4 coupe with manual would be a strong temptress.”

Here is the full review and photo gallery: