“And then some…” was the way Chris Marino described his stripping of the BMW Accessories Catalog for the F30 3 Series.

Marino, General Sales Manager of Century West BMW in Studio City California, has demonstrated a penchant for designing unique BMWs from the factory: here, here and here.

His latest exhibition is a show-stopper. “I wanted to put together a car that someone could drive to work every day and track on the weekend without compromises. The knee-jerk M.O. is to rid a vehicle of anything that adds weight and add (only) items that are critically necessary…Well, I’d like to think there is a balance in there somewhere. Who wants to drive a rigid and unforgiving track car—devoid of amenities—to work every day?”


Equipped from the factory with the Technology Package, Drivers Assistance Package and heated seats, Marino accounted for the must-haves (navigation, backup camera, etc). Then the fun started. “Gotta be able to row your own boat in a car like this,” Marino says with an ode to the 6 speed manual transmission. Dynamic Handling Package, M-Sport Package, Performance Exhaust, Performance Brakes, Carbon Fiber interior trim, front and rear factor diffusers, carbon fiber rear spoiler, rocker blades and stainless pedals and style 405M 20” wheels to name a few of the performance-minded options of this 335i—to say nothing of the brilliant Fire Orange paint.

“Inka wasn’t available.”, adds Marino.

“You won’t feel without. It has everything you would need and performance on tap.”


With the prolific amount of F30 chassis 3 Series populating the continent, Marino’s latest design is certain to stand out and become a coveted classic. “I’m split down the middle on this car—I’m hopeful it will either end up at the track or I want an enthusiast to buy it and put it away in storage.”

Is Marino through with factory one-offs or can he continue to design something unique? “I do not believe there is a ceiling. I want Century West BMW to stand out as the place to go to get a unique, bespoke BMW, sitting alongside a garden-variety 3 Series.”