This latest video from BMW Germany shows the new BMW M235i next to the spiritual predecessor, the BMW 2002tii. But that’s not all. BMW TV’s host Matthias Malmedie and two professional stuntmen are showing the BMW M235i doing a Rockford Turn, or a J-Turn, or a “reverse 180”, however you would like to call it.

Here is how a Wiki page describes the stunt:

“A J-turn differs from a bootleg turn in that the vehicle begins in reverse gear. It is often performed by stunt drivers in film and television shows. It can be performed both on dry and snowy surfaces; the latter is preferred while learning the skill. It is a basic maneuver that leads into the K-turn, also known as the three-point turn, which is the opposite of the J-turn and is performed in a forward moving car. The turn is achieved by transferring the momentum of the car by reversing quickly in a straight line then turning the wheel sharply while using the foot brake to lock the front wheels. The driver changes into a forward gear as the nose comes about.”


Without a doubt BMW is going all in when it comes to the M235i. The sporty compact car is first and foremost an enthusiasts-oriented product and with a clever marketing campaign, BMW aims to reach directly to their demographic.


Let’s have a look at the video, so far only in German: