BMW X5 xDrive40e launching in 2014

BMW X5 | January 8th, 2014 by 7
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At the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show, BMW unveiled their first X5 hybrid SAV. Dubbed BMW X5 eDrive, the hybrid concept will go into production in 2014 and will be sold under the BMW X5 xDrive40e name.

The plugin hybrid will featured a four-cylinder petrol engine with turbocharging technology which generates, along with an electric motor, an output of 200 kW (272 hp). The standard sprint to 100 km/h is achieved by the BMW X5 xDrive40e in less than 7.0 seconds. Up to 120 km/h of pure electric drive is possible thanks to the 70 kW electric motor.

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Visually, the plugin hybrid differs from the “regular X5” mainly through an additional opening at the front left fender where the engineers placed a power connector for charging the high-voltage battery, which is housed in the rear of the vehicle.

The stored energy is sufficient for approximately 30 km electric range and contributes significantly to the low fuel consumption of 3.8 liters per 100 kilometers.

To manage battery capacity BMW has created three drive modes for the X5 eDrive, Intelligent Hybrid, Pure Electric, and Save Battery. It is the Save Battery mode that highlights how BMW expects the vehicle to be used. Going into Save Battery mode restricts the use of battery capacity – allowing for a reserve to complete a journey in pure electric mode inside a city core for example.

Here is a photo gallery from Frankfurt Auto Show:

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7 responses to “BMW X5 xDrive40e launching in 2014”

  1. CDspeed says:

    I had originally thought it might be called eDrive28i or xDrive28e being that it’s equipped with a four cylinder engine. I don’t get the 40, where do they get xDrive40e?

    • Freepat 75014 says:

      Bet the price will be 40e level and nowhere closed to 28e level, never mind the 3X too small battery included here … Hence why.

  2. Freepat 75014 says:

    A 2014 product still with no price announced for it in March 2014… Smells. When the concept came out last year, I got very disappointed by its very small <10KWH battery pack. In the price tag expected in this range, taking same 24 to 30KWH as in current small pure EVs 2X cheaper, should have been the minimum in my view. Plus I would have preffered X4 or X6 formfactor vs X5. 30Km of all electric range, is just how far my work is from my home, so I'll need 2 x Full electric charges per Day, requiring one Plug/charger on each side, to be able to do most of my local commutes on pure EV as expected… This is bad… I'll only accept if absolutely no other choice end of this year or early next year. At least it should be authorized to be used inside Paris in the coming years, even if the Ecologist re-win this year elections (Pure Diesel equivalent won't be, so I can't re-buy one now). I'll wait for its price tag and to see what Audi and Porsche will do in same time frame. If either announce a better Plug In hybrid within my €60K budget ahead of BMW this year or early next, I may
    switch, after so many years with BMW… X4 announced too closed to Porsche Macan only opened that door to me… just missing the right engine on both….

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