Today, the new F56 MINI had its world premiere at the Oxford plant in the UK. At a first glance one might say that the new MINI looks just like the old one, but a closer look reveals quite some differences.

As usual, we put together a photo comparison of the F56 MINI against the outgoing R56 model and the first thing that stands out is the size increase of the newcomer. The F56 length was increased by 98 millimeters, width by 44 millimeters, height by 7 millimeters, also has a longer wheelbase (+ 28 millimeters) and larger track width (front + 42 millimeters, rear + 34 millimeters) as compared to the predecessor model (differential figures relate to MINI Cooper). The luggage compartment volume was increased by 51 liters to 211 liters.


The new seat design of the F56 offers a larger adjustment range at front and longer seat surface at rear (+ 23 millimeters).

The new MINI retains the large round headlights but gets a hexagonal radiator grille which dominates the front with its larger size. At the rear, the taillights are surrounded by a thick chrome border and wrap around the car and onto the trunk. From the side, the R56 looks less imposing, mostly due to the beefed up look of the F56 and larger dimension.


Inside we asee an evolution of the R56 design. The interior is characterized just as before by a central circular instrument panel. However, the former “Center Speedometer” is no longer used to display the speed. The instrument cluster on the steering column shows road speed and engine speed and color display for vehicle status details and fuel level.


Operation of navigation, entertainment, telephone and vehicle functions are accomplished by using MINI Controller in center console with the relevant feedback provided on the on-board computer.


[Photos: Bimmertoday]