For months now BMW has been hinting that the BMW i3 will be priced in the 3 Series territory which in other words translates into a price starting at $40,000 and slightly above. In a statement for Edmunds, David Buchko, a BMW spokesman hinted at this range as well: “The base price of the i3 in the U.S., not including the tax incentive, will be in the low-to-mid-$40,000s.”

The pricing does not factor in a federal tax credit of $7,500 and the official base price will be released on or before July 29th.

Furthermore, the BMWNA spokesman said BMW has not started accepting pre-orders for the i3 and has not yet launched the i3 configurator. No pricing was given for the optional REx range-extender. The range-extender engine is a 650cc two-cylinder gasoline engine that delivers 34 additional horsepower while increasing the driving range to 160-180 miles (250 – 300 km).


Buchko also said that BMW will be entering into “a far-reaching partnership in the electricity field to ensure premium charging solutions are available” for the i3. Four-hour charging for the i3 will be available at BMW dealerships in the United States.

Just as we reported before, BMW will also offer a program that allows i3 owners to borrow a conventional gasoline or diesel vehicle for a longer trip. The service will be offered “as an additional mobility package.”

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