The new BMW 4 Series Coupe carries on in the new way of BMW’s niche-ification of the product line. As the 6 series is a step up from the 5er, so too will the 4 series (Coupe, Convertible, and an expected Gran Coupe) be the up-market products for the 3er.

So it isn’t just a 3er without a couple of extra doors, especially since the unnaturally named Gran Coupe will have four doors also. So the
styling will have to be the differentiators between the two and it would appear that that’s happening on the exterior (with the interiors, other than rear seating and features) carry over from the 3er. There is more ‘jewelry’ in the lower fascia of the 4 and the front fenders have a port (vent) that’s missing on the 3er. In addition the rear fascia is more ‘complex’ than the 3er and the overall stance of the 4 series is more muscular.


The wheels are interesting – and unlike some on the BMWBLOG staff – I like them (but wouldn’t want to clean them). We’ll have to wait and see what the M4/M435i sport for wheels. But beyond the coming M designated product we’ll get the Sport, Luxury, and Modern Line packages. What we probably won’t get are a range of diesel engines. In the grand scheme of things an M425d would be a great car to have. But we’d settle for an M435i.