Every year in June Taipei becomes the Mecca of the electronic world when the COMPUTEX fair opens its gates. In the calendar of DesignworksUSA the IT fair is a fixed event, too. The creative consultancy and subsidiary of the BMW Group has a long history in designing for the tech industry. For their new client ASRock, one of the leading global manufacturers of motherboards, DesignworksUSA has designed a stunning compact gaming PC. At COMPUTEX both companies will launch this ultimate gaming beast which listens to the name of M8.

Compact PC with big performance.

In 2012 ASRock commissioned DesignworksUSA to create the M8, a compact PC and the first Small Form Factor PC (SFF) in their product portfolio. To make this newcomer an intriguing gaming companion the design team created the “Superlative PC concept”. It enables the gamers to anticipate the power of their PC through the design before even switching it on. The M8 is an ultra compact gaming tower which speaks the language of strength and ultimate performance demonstrating extreme efficiency and big emotion.

bmw-Gaming PC for AS Rock-01

Gamers often place their equipment in creative positions that the gear was not initially designed for. The M8 takes this into account: It was designed so that it can be placed in vertical and horizontal position and look good from any perspective. The central task of the design was to show the beauty of the motherboard – the jewel of any PC. A key design element is the muscular casing which carefully protects the motherboard. The side of the case is partially transparent so that the inside of the PC becomes visible. Gamers can unfold their creative talent and personalize the chassis: The side panels which are magnetic can be removed for quick access to all technical gear and ventilation. The front knob is a multi functional control button with an integrated OLED display. It shows an array of information so that no extra monitor is needed. The knob, called A-Command, provides information on the systems` status of usage and heat, date and time and it allows adjusting the volume and the fans inside the tower. The ventilation pattern of the chassis is designed to provide optimal cooling for the PC. Additionally the power of the fans can be switched between speed, standard or eco mode. Integrated handles on every corner maximize functionality and ready the M8 for any situation.

bmw-Gaming PC for AS Rock-03

As the gaming PC was designed to be placed in vertical and horizontal position it will be a highlight at every LAN-Party. “Gaming is all about emotion and individuality”, says Laurenz Schaffer, President of BMW Group DesignworksUSA. “So we created a design which is very much an exaggerated mode of expression. It speaks to the gamers’ souls and offers iconic differentiation in a small Gaming-PC”, Schaffer continues. LL Shiu, Chief Operating Officer of ASRock, strongly believes: “One does not play games on a boring gaming rig. Gamers should be able to feel the adrenaline rush the moment they power on their PCs, just as drivers get fired up the moment they start their engines. That’s why we have decided to collaborate with BMW Group DesignworksUSA.”

The technical equipment matches what the design promises: 802.11ac WiFi module and Bluetooth v4.0 provide up to 867Mbps blistering fast wireless internet connection and the Creative SoundCore 3D quad core processor is compatible with numerous sound programmes for realistic audio effects.