Pirelli was displaying their best performance rubber including their new F1 Tires for 2013. They have four F1 tires for dry from SS to H and two for the rain I & W that teams can use during the course of a race. Running your hands across these tires reveals them to be insanely sticky. You can even see the Cinturato Green style that Sebastian Vettel used in the wet at Malaysia’s F1 race which he won.

The highlight of Pirelli Tire Booth at the 2013 New York Auto Show was a Lotus F-1 car. Getting close to it you can see all the nuances created to optimize air flow. In addition to the F1 car, a serious line up of exotics were displayed as well. These included a drop dead gorgeous Ferrari F458 Spider, a black Maclaren MP4-12C, Lime Green Lamborghini and Lotus Evora .


Topping this sweet display of automotive heaven was a line up of racing simulators and some rather gorgeous models which had absolutely no clue about the technical aspects of the tires. Didn’t matter though because Pirelli has pulled off one of the best tire display’s BMWBLOG has seen.