North America-based tuner Velos Designwerks unveils their latest tuning project based on the BMW 650i Gran Coupe. The four-door coupe receives a series of cosmetic and performance upgrades that turns into an even more desirable vehicle.

The four-door coupe with M Sport Package comes with a set of 21-inch lightweight forged wheels called Solo X, which use Michelin Pilot Super Sport rubber. To give the car a more aggressive look, all stock chrome elements have been blacked out while the side gills were replaced by new ones.

Velos Designwerks swapped out the standard suspension and replaced it with lowering springs which also provide a wide range of adjustment to the driver while also helping to give the Gran Coupe a lowered and more aggressive stance.


Under the hood, the tuner upgraded the ECU with a remapping which increases the power output to 445 horsepower.