For many years, the Bavarian police, and not only, have been using cars and motorcycles from BMW as their main mode of transportation. The collaboration between the law enforcement and BMW is going well and therefore a new set of vehicles are being delivered. At the BMW Welt, the Munich-based automaker handed out the keys to 3 Series Touring and X3 models which join the other BMW vehicles in the police fleet: 3 Series and 5 Series sedans.

The X3 is shaping up to be a great choice for services in mountainous and snow-rich areas.

As a police vehicle, the new BMW 3 Series Touring can be delivered with innovative optional features such as additional warning devices for use on motorways.  Additional LED identification lights at the rear offer enhanced protection of police officers from the traffic behind. The integration of authority-specific features such as radio or a flashing blue light ensures optimum interaction with the series production vehicle. A further exclusive function is the optional control of a signal installation via the operating system BMW iDrive supplied as standard.

Like the BMW 3 Series Touring,  the X3 can be equipped exactly as required with special features such as a warning light, LED identification lights or control of a signalling installation via the operating system BMW iDrive fitted as standard.

BMW’s Head of Sales Germany, Karsten Engel, says that the partnership will span across several years. “We are proud that in the coming years, the new BMW models will serve the police service in Bavaria,” says Engel. “BMW emergency vehicles not only provide security aspects, but als the latest technology for maximum quality and reliability. “