Updated: BMW stops delivery on new M5 and M6 models due to oil pump issue

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BMWBLOG has just learned that deliveries of the 2013 BMW M5, M6 Coupe and M6 Convertible have been put on hold by BMW due to …

BMWBLOG has just learned that deliveries of the 2013 BMW M5, M6 Coupe and M6 Convertible have been put on hold by BMW due to a potential issue with the engine oil pump in the S63TU powerplant.

The models affected are the ones produced for model year 2013.

The models equipped with the S63TU engine may suffer a sudden loss of oil pressure that could cause severe damage to the engine.

BMW owners that are already in posession of the affected models are being contacted by BMW Customer Service and instructed to refrain from driving the vehicle.

BMW M6 F12 Convertible F13 Coupe 028 655x436

We reached out to BMW for an official statement. Stay tuned!

Updated with official BMWNA official statement:

BMW has issued a delivery stop and will recall some 2013 M5 and M6 vehicles produced between July and September 2012. Through its own quality control process BMW has become aware of a manufacturing defect in the engine oil pump in some vehicles. Should the oil pump fail, the engine would lose oil pressure, potentially causing severe engine damage.

Because of this potential, BMW and its dealers will stop delivery of all affected vehicles until the recall repair has been completed. The repair will involve removing the oil pump and replacing it with a correctly manufactured unit.

34 responses to “Updated: BMW stops delivery on new M5 and M6 models due to oil pump issue”

  1. anonymous says:

    …as if we needed another reminder why the first MY of any new BMW should generally be avoided

  2. Mateo says:

    So much about new m5 being more reliable because of use “normal” parts instead 100% M like V10…

  3. John says:

    Again these childish engineering miscalculations. And yet another testimony to BMW being the worst car maker quality-wise.

  4. Giom says:

    Usually, after some people gloated like this, their own beloved manufacturers issues some recalls. This problem is by no means unique to BMW. Infact, it’s a testimony to BMWs high quality standards that no engine has suffered a failure before they noticed the problem. One of the reasons that BMW is known for their quality products.

  5. Giom says:

    Usually, after some people gloated like this, their own beloved manufacturers issues some recalls. This problem is by no means unique to BMW. Infact, it’s a testimony to BMWs high quality standards that no engine has suffered a failure before they noticed the problem. One of the reasons that BMW is known for their quality products.

    • Patrick says:

      Very funny. If MB makes a recall once every 5 years, BMW does the same once every month. So I see how much understanding you have in cars, ignorant kid.

      • Patrick says:

        You’re making a compliment to BMW. As far as I remember they make recalls several times in a single month. So BMW is the worst car maker in the world. To me, I wouldn’t change the slowest A-Class or A1 with the fastest BMW.

      • Junk mercedes says:

        mercedes is so reliable Patrick that it has a lower resale value than a BMW. Here in the states, you can buy a low mileage used AMG for the price of a used 3 series. Why? Because it is a PIECE OF JUNK!

        • Ben says:

          I don’t believe that… look at the lease residuals of the 2012 E63 AMG (3yr/15k 54% at .00145 MF) vs. the 2013 M5 of (3yr/15k 48% at .00145 MF). I currently own a BMW, past 2 cars have been BMWs, never owned a Merc… but I’m now considering Merc and Audi on my next lease due to the poor residuals BMW is offering (not to mention excellent arguments about mismanagement of brand and quality recently). It seems BMW doesn’t have faith in the residuals of the M5, so it’s hard to accept your argument because if purchased tomorrow, the manufacturers themselves are valuing AMG above the M5.

  6. FreudeKing says:

    Those of you trying to back BMW on this need to get your facts straight. I am also a huge BMW fan but have been extremely disappointed with their recent strategy that they embarked on since the “new ” CEO took office. What he has done to the BMW brand image is disgusting!

    He has been putting so much energy into cutting cost and cutting the quality of the cars that the number of recalls have been record high one year after another for the past three years! Take for example: BMW’s brand new 3 Series just got recalled the other day, the 5 Series, the 7 Series, Z4, motorbikes, etc. I do admit that all manufacturers experience recalls, however the extent to which BMW vehicles get recalled is shocking in recent years, and we are talking about brand new vehicles that just got launched. This just shows their lack of pre-production quality controls and testing is sub-standard! This is the result of sucking up to shareholders and trying to cut corners to cut costs, pissing customers off! This CEO is really trashing the BMW brand. I would not even be happy as a shareholder, this is hurting my long term value, something that I would have to suffer through when this CEO is enjoying his retirement life!

    I mean, asking the customers to refrain from driving the vehicle!!!… so to prevent engine damage, which will cost BMW a fortune to fix under their motorplans! This is unacceptable to say the least. Just so you all know, the only recalls that are compulsory are the ones that have safety implications. So how many other issues are there with new BMWs as a result of them giving us sub-standard products that we do not know about!

    One last point: the whole corporate culture at BMW has changed drastically. In the past BMW would never build any front wheel drive vehicles KNOWING that it is of a POORER QUALITY IN TERMS OF RIDE AND DYNAMICS (and don’t anyone dare argue this point,). and now? The CEO came out and said because 80% of our 1 Series drivers don’t know that our current 1 Series is of a superior setup with RWD, which gives them superior driving dynamics, it is OK to give them FWD in the future so we can save some money and make more profits. i.e. If customers cannot explicitly notice, we will give them trash. I am hugely disappointed with BMW. It is no longer the company that stood up for its values and believes despite the extra costs and complications, the culture of giving its customers the best, even though they may not know what it takes / is involved to produce the best!


    • Michael says:

      But anyway even if Audi takes the top spot, I still won’t regard it fair, because they sell lots of USD20,000 A1 which can’t be considered a premium car by any means. So that was just a cheap step by Audi to fool people like you. Then it once again proves my point: BMW lovers are typical fools just like YOU!!!!!

    • audi a.k.a volkswagen says:

      you are a BMW lover but you never owned one. Well I am a BMW lover and I have owned 5 including 2 M5’s (yes I have a brand new f10 M5) nobody cares about you opinion Audi boy. A recall is not gonna make me switch to other German brand. If ever I switch brand, I will buy a Lexus.

    • 0513d8d7 says:

      Only the truth here – the individual that put the ‘Efficient Dynamics’ crap at the center of the brand, pimped out the M badge for short term sales, stuck turbos in everything and cut costs on quality needs to be fired right now. Even Mercedes seems to have fixed its quality issues.

    • FreudeKing says:

      @be332d851dc080a741df5ab2bba7b50f:disqus : I drive both the 1 Series and 3 Series and our family has owned nothing but BMWs. We’ve owned the past 5 generations of 3 Series’ in our family! If I was an Audi boy, I wouldn’t be trashing FWD now would I/ Use your brain before you open your mouth!

      @Michael: You clearly have no idea how the sales are considered: BMW’s top spot relates to the BMW Group (includes Mini, Rolls Royce and BMW vehicle sales) whereas Audi is currently just the Audi brand due to its nature, being a so called premium brand, which is a subsidiary of the VW Group and VW is not a premium car company on its own. Get your facts straight before calling someone else a fool. The title of who is No.1 is based on Worldwide sales, which considers the Mini brand to be premium. This is not a US measure.

    • marcatdisqus says:

      The reason for issues in general for a BMW is the extreme cutting edge work they do on engines, mechanics, suspension and electronics package. They are so far ahead of the competition they are going to break a few things along the way and that is GOOD. If you are not breaking a few things you are not pushing hard enough.

      The great Apple also had its share of issues like antennagate and now the Maps software on iphone. None of this will tarnish the brand or affect the future for Apple. Same goes for BMW. These companies are the best at what they do and will innovate and push the envelope. Once things stop breaking completely then I will start to worry they are not trying and pushing things hard or fast enough.

      • Freudeking says:

        What a pathetic excuse to cover up their cost cutting by decreasing quality controls

      • dardata says:

        Bravo – this is the typical fanboyish attitude and exactly why BMW and Apple continues to get a free pass while producing inferior products! You dont even know you’ve been marketed –“the ultimate driving machine”, “the reaason for issue in general is the extreme cutting edge”…WTF kind of justification is that? Marketing!

        It would be one thing if the issues were minor and infrequent but BMW continues to have major issue with each iteration. Let start with the e46 subframe issues (really?!) – e90 HPFP (took almost a full life cycle to resolve)! Do you honestly think customers should be long time beta testers for a $40k+ car that’s marginally better in performance than the competition?

        I like BMW’s as well but I have no vested interest in the company, maybe you do and you are attempting to protect your interest. Just know the quality issues will never get better if people like you keep supporting substandard reliability in the name of loyalty and “cutting edge”.

        • marcatdisqus says:

          No vested interest in terms of any stocks of BMW or any competitor. I do not invest in automotive space. I do own a BMW M3 and love it. It is awesome. More awesome was the M5 when I test drove it. So much so that I tried to work a deal to drive home the M5 they had on the floor so I could drive it for the 4 months until my customized M5 is delivered. As incredible as the M3 is and I love it the M5 is that much better.

          Who cares about an oil pump. So they fix it and you move on. Lots of companies screw up. Name one that does not. It’s what a company does after the screwup to fix it that matters. BMW stands behind their products so I purchase without worry. Go test drive an M5 and you will see why a fixable recall like this is well worth it. Until you drive that car you won’t get it

    • Guest says:

      100% spot on. It’s the way I feel about my favorite car company lately, but couldn’t put it into words as perfectly as you did. Keep fighting the good fight brother.

    • ZHP Lord says:

      This perfectly sums up in words how I’ve viewed BMW the last couple of years. Very nicely put. They’ve gone from an engineering/enthusiast driven culture to a marketing/MBA dominant model pandering to poseurs and investors. I love my two E46s and think they embody the previous engineering spirit way more than the current cars. I don’t mind cutting edge technology but a good dose of common sense engineering to balance that is just the right thing to do in my book. You’ve got to make some of the most essential parts of the car (fuel/oil pumps) reliable to the point that it should be an almost unheard of failure.

  7. 0513d8d7 says:

    BMW does not make the pumps. It is still BMWs fault if substandard parts it selected fail. Its
    their badge on the engine not Bosch’s. I completely agree that it
    happens to everybody but this is not the first time this has happened to BMW engines in the recent past. If one looked at say the 3.0TFSI engine in the
    Audi S4, it is pretty hard to deny that the N54/5 has had a far worse
    reputation at reliability than the equally powerful, even lighter and
    more complicated Audi motor. BMW used to be the amongst the best in
    the world at building incredible engines. Now BMW cannot bring itself
    to do so for even a small niche like the M cars.

    Everything seems to flow from marketing and its ‘Efficient Dynamics’
    campaign that should have no place in the M range at all. Its neither
    efficient nor dynamic to have your customer’s engines stop working at
    the slightest issue. The N54/5 or the new M5 engine are not even that
    special – there are many other engines in the same displacement, weight
    and efficiency range that produce just as much power and torque. Once
    the last e9x M3s sell out the real enthusiasts will end up looking at
    Porsche, Mercedes and even (the horror) Audi. In 3 years the only people
    that will drive new BMWs will be the douches that buy it for the badge
    who end up giving it such a bad name.

    My apologies for the rant but I’ve owned M3s for 10 years now and I
    really care about the brand and would like nothing better than to buy
    the next one when the time comes to move on from my current one.
    Unfortunately, unless BMW massively improves its reputation for
    reliability in the interim I would be forced to consider a Porsche 911
    or an AMG merc…. and I’m not the only one.

  8. U4ickM5 says:

    Does anyone know the VIN numbers of the affected M5’s?

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