Driving an M6 Coupe on track is sure to be one of the most special, emotional driving experiences of your life. But one of the only things that can add to this driving experience is open air, wind-in-the-hair superiority.

Driving the 650i cabriolet was a mind blowing experience, allowing us to relax our hair back in the wind, while lapping a proper racetrack with a proper sports car. The neutral handling of the 640i cabriolet was a revelation in a world of electric power steering assist.

Priced at $113,995, BMW’s new M6 Cabriolet will go on sale later this year, bringing smiles to many an enthusiasts face.

While some weight has been added to stiffen the chassis, the engine remains the same 560 hp insane beast that powers the M5 and M6 Coupe.