NYIAS 2012

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NYIAS 2012: MINI Yachtsman Confirmed for Production

Just kidding. But with amphibious abilities, the Yachtsman umm… concept… certainly floats our boat. Equipped with a snorkel, marine lights, and a very handy and well-thought-out tow hook, the MINI Yachtsman certainly looks the part….

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NYIAS 2012: US Premiere – MINI JCW Countryman

MINI’s diminutive SUV packs big attitude. The John Cooper Works Countryman has made its way stateside, no doubt after bullying an innocent ferry to cross the pond. MINI’s move to AWD performance with the JCW…

NYIAS 2012: San Marino Blue BMW M6 Cabriolet Photo Gallery

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NYIAS 2012: BMW M6 Coupe Photo Gallery

Feast your eyes, friends, on our photo gallery of BMW’s new M6 Coupe in Sakhir Orange. What a hottie. As if the M6 was not eye catching enough (never mind the engine note once you…

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NYIAS 2012: Frozen Gray BMW M5

BMW’s Frozen Gray M5 will catch your eye from a distance if you peruse the NYIAS floor this year in NYC. You will also, likely, feel an insatiable need to reach out and touch it….

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NYIAS 2012: Frozen Monte Carlo Blue M3

BMW have brought a one-off Frozen Monte Carlo Blue M3 to the show floor of the NYIAS 2012. The gorgeous blue car has made an appearance to judge response from the public – determining if…

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NYIAS 2012: Sakhir Orange M5 on the way

We’ve heard unconfirmed news through the grape vine that later in the 2012 calendar year, BMW will release a Sakhire Orange M5. If the M5’s lines and bulging wheel wells are too subtle for you,…