The world’s first hybrid sports sedan is also the world’s best looking hybrid (many would argue). Luckily, BMWBLOG was around to catch the Canadian launch, and we’ve prepared a detailed photo gallery below for your viewing.

BMW’s 3 series Active Hybrid is powered by a force-fed 3 liter inline 6, augmented by an electric motor outputting 35 hp. The result is silent operation a low speeds as the engine shuts down and the car glides along on electric power. But step deeply on the throttle and the inline 6 will wake up – catapulting you forward with the additional zing of the electric motor.

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More than a 12% improvement in fuel economy is part of the deal, and we’re game to save fuel any day of the week – we’re also lover’s of clean air while sitting in stop-and-go traffic.

Check out our photo gallery below.

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