BMWBLOG just learned that the long-time rumored BMW 3 Series GT will come to market in March 2013.

According to a BMW source the 3 Series GT features more attractive and sleeker lines than its older brother, the 5 GT, but it maintains a somewhat bulky look. The 3 GT is said to offer same trunk space as the 5 Series Sedan and interesting enough, more legroom.

Last year, we learned that the 3 Series Gran Turismo  will come with a hatch as seen on the 5 GT and raised ride height. The car has a high belt line that completely wraps around the car, therefore allowing the roof to be lower and sleeker. The core idea of a Gran Turismo vehicle remains, traveling in style and luxury, but without sacrificing performance.

Internally the 3GT is referred as the “Progressive Activity Coupe.” BMW calls this prototype “Progressive Activity Coupe” because of the way the roof slopes down at the rear, but instead of a larger glass area as in a Touring, there is an additional quarter light and a wrap around tailgate. The rear end is a combination of Touring and a Shooting Brake.

BMW sees the 3 Series Gran Turismo as “the alternative to alternatives, a style conscious car with the dynamic prowess to match its looks.”

The BMW 3 Series GT will inherit the motoring options from the recently unveiled 3 Series Sedan, so we expect to see a high-end 335i GT as well. With the new 3 Series Touring coming to the U.S. as well, it remains to be seen if BMW will offer the Gran Turismo version to American customers.