It has never been more difficult to select the correct company car especially if a business is considering vehicle contract hire for the first time. There are so many car manufacturing companies that are vying for pole position in the company car market, but one car manufacturer is doing so with a vengeance and that is BMW. BMW are synonymous with leading edge technologies, superior luxury and have more recently been striving to produce much more energy efficient vehicles for both the private user and the business user.

One of the most popular BMWs when it comes to UK BMW leasing deals is the extremely efficient 5 Series. There has been no better times for companies to consider the BMW for their vehicle contract hire requirements. One of the most popular BMWs in United Kingdon is the 520d 2.0 SE Saloon.

The vehicle combines the success of the brand with efficiency and professionalism. The standard BMW 520 is available with manual transmission and as a four door model is perfect for any company considering to build their executive fleet. The 2.0 SE model is also extremely efficient in terms of CO2 at 129g/km.

Although the BMW 520d SE vehicle is a popular option for corporate fleets, the 520d EfficientDynamics edition is an even safer bet. The launch will take place in September 2011 and it is envisaged that this vehicle will provide companies looking to lease efficient cars more alternatives regarding vehicle fleets. The 520d ED promises to be one of the cleanest cars on the road – emissions are extremely low at 119g/km and this of course triggers the tax break that many executive company cars fail to attain. BMW have been striving to design a company executive vehicle that will reflect greener, more eco-friendly policies and the 520d ED design will ensure this and much more for companies that want to consider leasing efficient company cars that meet government eco strategies.

It is also important to mention the fuel efficiency of the BMW 5 Series. The 520d SE is quite obviously the diesel model – but it is fair to mention that advances in diesel technology now means that it is the fuel of choice for many forward looking companies. This is mainly due to the fact that diesel is more efficient in terms of miles per gallon. The 520d SE averages between 54 and 57 mpg.

The choices for companies considering a corporate car fleet can be difficult, many products from Audi, Mercedes, Lexus or Infiniti are viable options. Continuing their EfficientDynamics strategy, BMW sees the new the 5 Series as one of their most important vehicles, and United Kingdom remains an important market for the premium automaker. The new 5er Sedan caters to a wide audience, from the aforementioned car fleets to executives and families looking for the ultimate driving machine with fuel efficiency, premium features and luxury into a single package.