Next year, BMW will add a new model to the elegant 6 Series family. The BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe will join the recently unveiled 6 Series Coupe and Convertible, and the upcoming M6.

The 6er Gran Coupe was previewed at the 2010 Beijing Auto Show and the design showcased an elegant four-dour coupe that will compete with the Mercedes-Benz CLS and the Audi A7.

Interesting enough is the fact that the new 6 Series Gran Coupe sits on the 5 Series platform rather than the new 6er. The wheelbase measures 116.8 inch and sits on a 74.9 inch wide track. To increase its sportiness, BMW engineers lowered the car by 3.5 inches when compared to the 5 Series sedan (54 inches). At 197.1 inches overall, the 6 Series Gran Coupe is 2 inches longer than a Mercedes CLS-Class.

The Gran Coupe has been designed to combine the abilities of a GT and a sports car. The roof is 100mm lower than the 7 Series models, and its rear quarters slightly more restricted. The concept carries the essence of brand values and the genes of BMW design into the future and the expectations are that these styling cues will turn up all over BMW range in the next few years. The sleek Gran Coupe retain iconic elements like the kidney-grille, Hofmeister kink and a less pronounced shark nose.

Powertrain options are expected to be the same as the 6 Series lineup: a 3.0 liter twin-scroll turbo with and the 4.4 liter twin-turbo V8. .

MotorTrend speculates on an xDrive system being offered for the V8-powered models, similar to the new 6 Series Coupe offerings.

To keep weight off, the four-door uses aluminum for the front hood and doors, thermoplastics for the front fenders, and SMC plastic for the trunk lid. As with other top-line BMWs, a full suite of telematics and driver assistance systems are on the menu.

Even though not officially announced, the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe will make its way into the US market as well with a price tag most likely above the 6 Series Coupe and Convertible.