Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, hosted earlier this month the U.S. press launch of the new, redesigned and re-engineered 2012 BMW 650i Convertible.

Our test drive went live just days ago and you can find it here, along with an extensive photo gallery. but to summarize it, here is what our conclusion was:

“Our advice is this: if you’re a BMW gearhead or simply looking for driving pleasure, put the top down, select Sport+, even run in manual, and enjoy the lifestyle you’ve surrounded yourself with. If you fit the market demographic, then you have nothing to worry about, the 650i Convertible will deliver on your expectations and the engineers and designers accounted for all of your needs in the build process.”

Now to complement the extensive coverage of the new 6er Convertible, we are bringing you an exclusive video of the high-end cabriolet in the beautiful and sunny Cabo. Footage courtesy of