Breaking from Detroit, BMW has showed us their new F13 6 series cabriolet in beautiful black sapphire metallic paint.  We brought you coverage of BMW’s 6 series release on North American shores yesterday, and after spending more time around the car, we can draw a few observations.

As is so typical of many BMW cars, the new 6 series must be seen in person to be appreciated.  Whereas it looks sharp in photos, with bold lines and cut edges around the lights and front fascia – all details flow together in a very fluid way when you see this car in the flesh.  We learned from Nader Faghihzadeh, 6 series exterior designer, that water served as key inspiration for the new 6 series design, both exterior and interior.   To read our in-depth designer interview, please follow the jump.

On the exterior of the car, fluid shapes intercept hard lines and sharp creases.  The stamped aluminum hood creases initiate from the hood roundel, and then curve away to the outer edges of the A-pillars – reminiscent of the bow wave following a speed boat.

Along the side of the car we again see convex and concave shapes meeting at the shoulder line in a very bold, sharp crease that runs horizontally for the length of the car – now a trademark BMW design highlight.  A thin sheet of water falling from the sharp edge of a waterfall comes to mind, then flowing over smooth, swooping rock surfaces.

A small spoiler sits inset on the trailing edge of the trunk.  The spoiler has a prominent edge elevated at the highest point of the rear trunk lid, running parallel to the bold, outermost edge of the trunk.  These parallel edges in the composite material work in beautiful, purposeful harmony.  They also serve aerodynamic function, cleanly breaking the laminar airflow over the car to reduce drag.

BMW has kept the soft top for their new convertible and we applaud this decision.  Not only does it allow better trunk space when the roof is stowed, but it is substantially lighter where it counts – at the highest point of the car.  Lastly, the soft top retains the exotic trailing edges meeting the composite trunk in sharp contrast.

Look for forthcoming information, interviews, and eventual drive reviews highlighting the best of BMW’s new F13 6 series cabriolet.