Press Release: The BMW Group ended 2010 with its-second best sales result of all time. Sales of BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brand automobiles rose 13.6% last year to reach a total of 1,461,166 vehicles (prev. yr. 1.286 million). The company therefore strengthened its position as the leading provider of premium vehicles. The growth course of recent months continued through December: Sales were 14.2% higher than in the same month last year, at 141,358 vehicles.

“2010 was a very successful year for us. We are “spot on” with our new models and are building the cars people desire. We advanced on all continents, in large and small countries alike and continued with a good sales balance between Europe, Asia, and the Americas,” said Ian Robertson, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, responsible for Sales and Marketing, at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. “Looking ahead, we plan to remain the world’s top selling premium automaker and expect sales to climb to over 1.5 million units in 2011 setting new record highs for the Group and its three brands. And while we closely watch some ongoing economic uncertainties throughout the world, we are certain to continue benefiting from our young model line-up with full availability of new vehicles like the BMW 5 Series, BMW X3, BMW X1 and MINI Countryman.”

DSC 0233 1600x12003 655x438BMW brand: New models and trend towards high-end models drive sales

BMW brand sales rose 14.6% in 2010 to reach a total of 1,224,280 vehicles. In December, 115,570 vehicles (+10% from December 2009) were sold. The newly introduced BMW 5 Series and BMW X1 have been very well received. Retail volumes for the BMW 5 Series increased 22.6% from the previous year’s level to 211,968 units in 2010. The company sold 99.990 BMW X1 vehicles in their first year of full availability.

The flagship BMW 7 Series and the other X-models also continued to be in high demand. Bolstered by strong demand from Asia and the gradual recovery of the American market, sales of the BMW 7 Series climbed 24.9% over the course of the year to reach a total of 65,814 units. BMW X5 volumes increased 15% to 102,178 units, and 46,404 BMW X6 vehicles were delivered to customers (+11.4%).

MINI brand: New sales record

With a total of 234,175 vehicles sold (+8.1%; prev. yr. 216,538), MINI set a new sales record in the year just ended. December sales climbed 38.3% year-on-year to 25,359 vehicles. The brand’s positive annual result was due in part to the MINI Countryman (14,337 units) recently released in September, as well as the MINI Hatch (+3.9% to 155,841) and the MINI Convertible (+15.5% to 32,680). Sales improved in virtually all markets. The U.S. remains the largest market with 45,644 units sold in 2010, closely followed by the U.K. (44,514 units). Third largest market is Germany with 31,472 cars.

Rolls-Royce: Record sales result

Rolls-Royce remains the clear market leader in the ultra-luxury-class segment. Sales for the full year 2010 reach a record sales result and surged 170.6% to 2,711 automobiles. Rolls-Royce also reported 429 deliveries in December (+16.9%). The company’s latest model, Ghost, has been exceptionally well received. Demand for Phantom models remained strong as well. The majority of Phantom series cars manufactured at Goodwood (United Kingdom) in 2010 included some personalized Bespoke element. Bespoke sales in 2010 reached record levels.

Markets: Growth on all continents

The BMW Group made sales gains in virtually all markets in 2010. Germany remains the company’s largest market: In December registrations increased 16.6% to 23,550 vehicles. A total of 266,009 new BMW and MINI were registered throughout the year (+3.1%; prev. yr. 258,069). In a total market that shrank by 23% from 2009 levels, the BMW Group was able to expand its market share in Germany by 2.3 percentage points to 9.1% over the course of the year. The BMW brand is the only premium brand that succeeded in increasing registrations in Germany in 2010.

In its second-largest market, the U.S., December sales climbed 16.9% to 27,600 vehicles, thanks to full local availability of the BMW 5 Series and strong demand for the BMW X5 and X6 models produced in Spartanburg. The BMW Group increased its sales volumes for the full year 2010 by 9.9% to 265,757 vehicles. As a result, the company was able to further strengthen its leading market position in North America, making the BMW brand the best-selling European premium brand in the U.S. once again last year.

Especially strong growth rates were reported in China, the BMW Group’s third-largest market. A total of 16,132 BMW and MINI vehicles were sold in December (+59.5%). Sales for the full year 2010 rose 86.7% to 168,998 units. The BMW Group profited from continued strong demand for the high-end models in its product range.

Sales in the U.K, the BMW Group’s fourth-largest market, also have recovered well. In a volatile market that grew by 2% over the course of the year, the BMW Group experienced disproportionately strong growth of 13.6% to 157,312 units and continued to expand its market leadership of the local premium segment.

Other regions of the world also provided impetus for growth. Sales in important emerging markets posted double-digit growth as follows: Russia (+26.7% to 21,585 units), South Korea (+74.7% to 19,222), Brazil (+54.5% auf 9,886), and India (+72.6% to 6,246).

BMW Motorcycles: Deliveries increased for the year

In 2010, BMW Motorrad increased deliveries by 12.3% to 98,047 motorcycles. December sales reached 3,764 units (-29.8%).

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