BMWBLOG was one of the first automotive websites to join the social media stream and embrace the real-time updates and online networking opportunities.

Today, BMWBLOG has an strong presence on Facebook and Twitter. Thousands of fans and followers connect daily with us, and from time-to-time, enjoy exclusive and breaking news before they are published on our website.

We also use our Facebook and Twitter pages to offer insight into new BMW models and to preview future events we will attend.


We strongly believe in the open social stream and we encourage our fans and friends to connect with each other, exchange opinions, ideas, even create new podcasts that receive our full support and guidance. We’re also encouraging our readers to connect with us through these channels, ask questions, give feedback and submit news for our consideration.

At times, we come across a BMWBLOG fan that would like to contribute to our vast community and we give them a medium to write and share their opinions.

So today, we encourage you once again to join our community on Facebook and Twitter, we promise to bring even more real-time news and this upcoming Friday, the BMWBLOG community will enjoy some exclusive news.

Without revealing much at the moment, we can tell you that  BMWBLOG will preview on Facebook and Twitter an exciting test drive opportunity that has been granted to us.

Be the first one to hear what BMW is planning for the future.  Stay tuned Friday for the Ultimate BMW Test Drive!

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