World Premiere: BMW 6 Series Coupe Concept

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BMW have just lifted the veil of the heavily guarded design of the upcoming 2012 6 Series. This, the now third generation of 6 Series …

BMW have just lifted the veil of the heavily guarded design of the upcoming 2012 6 Series. This, the now third generation of 6 Series has a lot to live up to after the successes of the Big Six E24 6 Series and the sleek, elegant E63/64 6 Series – which has just left production.

In looking at these new photos the 2+2 layout coupe much of its design cues from the big CS Concept launched in Shanghai – though the 6 Series will retain the two door design with the forthcoming Gran Coupe carrying the 4-door design. Other updates worth mentioning are the front fascia and lines of the 6 Series bearing heavy resemblence to the F01 7 Series – reaffirming BMW’s choice of conservative design juxtaposed to the outgoing 6 Series with its radical, Bangle-influenced design.

Moving to the interior, the 6 Series continues to impress with a full Bang & Olufsen stereo system and revised iDrive screen, providing a more fluid design to the flow of the dash.

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However, while I am sure that you all would love to hear me describe the 2012 6 Series in high detail we will let the pictures do the talking as well as the BMW press release below. Watch this space for more on the 2012 6 Series as we will provide in-depth analysis on this new and exciting model.

27 responses to “World Premiere: BMW 6 Series Coupe Concept”

  1. Stu Izdaman says:

    Yes! This is more like it, easily the best looking coupe out there!

  2. Kyle Silvers says:

    Definitely much better looking than the E63 6er. Although I thought the exterior was gorgeous, it looks too trendy. This design has something very timeless about it, much better job this time around.

  3. Woo Hoo says:

    THAT’S it! I’m thinking of gettting this Grand Coupe instead of an X6, it’s a tossup. Both have “6” as a status multiplier but this is definitely the newest thing.

  4. Shincai says:

    The interior is very new I like it!

  5. Lariv says:

    This has to be first great looking BMW since the Z4.

  6. paul says:

    It does look good…the back still looks a bit american to me – apologies to folks across the pond – but its does look better than the competition, specially the new CLS. Still prefer the old generation though. Good to see that bmw, on ocasion, listens to its customers – Bang and olufsen, the lights from the super car concept. But i bet they ruined the driving experience with electric steering. The thing only gets poor reviews and yet they insist on using it. Please BMW, make an option. If your customers r interested in saving fuel, good 4 you, but some of us do buy bmw´s for the driving and not the fuel economy!!!

  7. paul says:

    also good to see that the interior isnt just a carbon copy of the 5 and the seven. Good job overall lets just see if they havent gone soft like with the Z4, 5GT, new 5, new X3, etc. There is a lot of competion out there for a car in this segment and the only way bmw is going to stand out, like they did in the past with other models – X5, 5 ser, 3 ser, etc its because it offers the best driving experience in the segment.

  8. Babken says:

    I can describe it with only one word: MASTERPIECE.

  9. kcsnyud says:

    Is this the real thing, or is this just a “concept?”

  10. Daniel Hoang says:

    BMW finally pull it off. It looks very sporty and the interior, though design very similar to the 5 series,

  11. Vaybach Khan says:

    i hope those side mirrors will come with production model…its the same like 5gt concept side mirrors…
    the headlights are just like 7 series,theres maybe little space for correction ,everything else is just great ,all in all its dream car for sure…o yea color comes from cs concept,which is more then cool

  12. juan says:

    im sorry but there was never a problem with the quality of the old 6 interior…ive been drivin a 645 for a few years now and the interior is fantastic and as good as new.the new 6 however does have a better quality interior>>>very very has made a good leap foward on a already very good interior design and quality.

  13. juan says:

    its a great car….i ;pove the glass roof and tailpipes,however i sadly dont think that they will make it to production.withregards to the glass roof,the sun may be a factor? and with regards to the tailpipes,judging by the test mules it doesnt look as tho the tailpipes will make productio,i hope im wrong.what do you guys think tho.all in all this is a fantastic sleek and very beautifull bmw.

  14. anonymous says:

    They did it. They finally got the 6er to a styling and interior level that commands respect.

    I always thought the previous 6ers weren’t worth paying premium for. This is stunning. Definitely a car the slightly more mature gentleman will appreciate!.

  15. XC says:

    A veritable gentleman’s express!

  16. rebaz Kamal says:

    I get really mad when I see the new designs of BMW; they have made the front of the cars very ugly. However, the interior is absolutely beautiful! I still believe the previous 6 series was more good-looking.

  17. kcsnyud says:

    Isnt this just a concept

  18. Alex says:

    those are the most beautiful wing mirrors i have seen..they better stay for the production version. and the wheels are perfect as well!

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