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We attended the Lexus Performance Driving School

After years of attending several driving schools – including BMW’s own M School – we decided to look at what the competition is offering and headed over to Lexus for their own Performance Driving School…

TEST DRIVE – 2015 BMW 428i Coupe

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Test Drive: Tesla Model S 85

Only six short years ago I found myself at the wheel of a prototype released to a small audience to gauge the functionality of the electric car by BMW. The prototype, the MINI E, was…

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Can Heritage Hurt The BMW Brand?

Recently, while as a group the BMWBLOG team was mulling over the design of the 3 Series – *ahem* – 4 Series we found a moment of pause. During the discussion, Chuck Vossler brought up…

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Driven: 2015 Lexus RC F Track Review

The outgoing Lexus IS F will be a future classic. I may sound silly in saying in light of the quirks I found in the car but the wonderful 5.0L V8 shoe-horned into nose of…

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Under the Lights in Austin

Beneath my feet a blur of yellow trails behind a white cone of light cutting through the darkness bringing with it a cacophonous roar. As the yellow blur pushes through the corner it illuminates a…