The BMW rumormill continues to churn and today, we have something new around a future BMW engine. Same BMW insider, Scott27, brings upfront some exciting news around a 500cc three-cylinder engine that will help BMW achieve their CO2 level goals.

“It is no secret that in terms of downsizing its CO 2 levels, BMW are moving to replace its current range of engines with new three, four, six and eight-cylinders. The new three-cylinder will be part of a range of engines utilizing a new common 500cc per cylinder base design which also uses Direct-Injection and Turbo charging. This engine will be featured in many BMW models, but will not be perceived as a base engine or entry model.

The new 1 and 3 Series will receive it first, but other BMW/MINI models will also inherit this engine.

Forget about the terms associated with three-cylinders, such as weak or underpowered. This is a BMW engine and for a three-cylinder it will offer excellent refinement with a sporting edge, plus delivers an excellent CO2 output.

A lighter engine will also contribute to a weight reduction in the car. The upcoming four-cylinder turbocharged engines in three range variants will also follow this procedure , The first turbocharged four-cylinder engine will be introduced in the new BMW 1 Series in 2011, and then follow into the BMW X3 that precedes the debut of the all new BMW 3 Series Sedan in late 2011.

The new range of turbocharged engines will bring many new innovations for the first time in a new product launch, and the 1 Series is that model.

The idea is to use 500cc per cylinder in future BMW engines which will rise from the 1.5 right up to a V8, saving resources in engine development costs and engine production.”

Well, you heard it first……we can only hope that the three-cylinder will not only deliver amazing fuel consumption, but still retain the much needed punch we crave in a BMW.