The moment has come, Audi has just revealed their latest A8 model and we’re ready to publish our photo comparison. When the new 7 Series launched in 2007, many people were suggesting that a comparison against the current A8 bodystyle might not be entirely fair and the new 7 Series would need to be put against the future A8.

Fair enough and here we are today ready to compare them side-by-side. Sure, some of you might say that our readers are biased, after all, you are on a website that lives and breathes BMW, but it has been proven in the past that we’re able to maintain an objective point of view, along with you, our readers.

We are going to show you both cars from different angles and we tried to choose similar shots, so a balance can be maintaned. We also stayed away from the beautiful M package on the 7 Series since there is no similar package released yet by Audi.

7 series vs audi a8 side2 654x230

Click on all the images below for full resolution.

7 series vs audi a8 side front 654x218








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