European auto shows are also the place to be for all the major car tuners. Every two years, ALPINA is present at the Frankfurt Auto Show, each time displaying an impressive fleet of “tuned up” BMWs.

Several Alpina models have been displayed there, but this time we’ll focus on the high-end B7, a vehicle based on BMW’s 7 Series.

From the enhanced aggressive look to all the changes that took place underneath the hood, the B7 is positioning itself as the ultimate sports sedan. The new B7 is powered by a V8 4.4 liter twin-turbo engine outputting 505 horsepower and an impressive 517 lb-ft (700Nm) reached at 4,750 rpm.

It runs from 0 to 62 mph in just 4.7 seconds, compared to the regular 750Li which stops the clock at 5.3 seconds. Alpina B7 is electronically limited at 174 mph (280km/h). The B7 uses the automatic “SwitchTronic” gearbox, of course, rear-wheel-drive transmission.

alpina-b7--[5]As expected, the fuel economy is not too great on the B7, official estimates place it at 13MPG (17 liter/100km) city driving, 27MPG (8.6 liter/100km) highway and combined at 20MPG (12 liter/100mk).

The Alpina B7 weighs 4,312 lb (1,960 kg), still lighter than the 750i or Li production models and it sits on some beautiful Alpina-style 21 inch wheels. All that power and balance needs to be kept in place, so Alpina packs the B7 with 245 and 285 tires.

While the B7 is not a world premiere, it is still quite exciting to see it in person.