BMW intends to conquer a new vehicle segment and underline its leadership in innovation with the new BMW X1. Moreover, it wants to strengthen the brand aspects of young, open and creative to ensure the vehicle is also noticed by an audience not familiar with BMW.

The X1 campaign was developed by GSD&M Idea City which become the lead global agency of creative for BMW brand advertising communications. The first task for GSD&M was the development of a new global communication campaign focused on the “Joy” theme. But this video was created by BMWs online lead agency Interone, a German multi-channel agency based in Munich, Germany. Their unit from Hamburg is responsible for the BMW and MINI online communication now since the internet is existing. They create and develop nearly all online activities for BMW (online specials, campaigns, mini-sites and country-websites) around the world

The goal? A new, modern target audience of customers who, in particular, spend time on the Web using social-media platforms. And awaken their enthusiasm to achieve the targeted market domination. As we’ve said many times before, BMW is heading towards the right direction: online marketing. The marketing efforts can be targeted towards specific demographics, results can be analyzed far easier and deeper than with regular radio or printed ads.

In their latest JOY IS WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT video released on Youtube, BMWBLOG is featured as one of the leading websites in promoting the X1 and the Joy campaign. We have to admit, we are big fans of this campaigns since it speaks our language and it shows the power of online media, along with all the benefits that come with it.

Despite the initial criticism it received, the X1 can become one of the leading BMW models in the near future. We’re looking forward to seeing the car live in a couple of weeks and we will give you our final assessment.

Here is how BMW describes the “Joy” campaign:

An integrated, multiplatform campaign. With the JOY IS WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT slogan, we are kicking off an awareness phase on the social-media platforms where the core target audience spends time. We are aiming, in particular, to make them aware of the vehicle concept and the joy it promises. With 3D clips which lead to a duplicate of the contact media on the fan pages which are visible to friends. And attract interest on popular automotive and marketing blogs with its special design.

Initially, we developed a Flash application where fans could upload and send their images on Facebook. The best clips were included on the BMW websites in the participating markets. Alongside regular YouTube and Twitter uploads, we publish exclusive images and information until the BMW X1 appears in the image area. Now fans can create 3D clips with the BMW X1, decide on their favorite colour and engine, take part in further activities and arrange test drives. On 40 BMW websites worldwide, true to the motto: JOY IS WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT.