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“The ultimate driving machine” slogan makes a comback

BMW of North America will introduce its new brand advertising on Saturday, reinforcing its image as “the ultimate driving machine” as it introduces 14 new models in the United States this year. BMWNA will being…

BMW JOY 3D: Asia’s 1st Interactive 3D Building Projection

BMW. Physics lesson: Joy is Futureproof

The Joy marketing campaign continues with a new episode, BMW Physics Lesson. The latest iteration in this highly controversial campaign, focuses again on the two keywords we’ve been hearing over and over: Efficiency and Dynamics….

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Interview: Dr. Oetker Speaks of Joy

  I bumped into Dr. Oetker in the frozen food aisle of our local super market. BB: Hello Dr. Oetker, fancy running into you here! DO: Where else would you expect to see me? What’s…