2010 BMW 6 Series? Just another CS Concept rendering

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Since the unveiling of the BMW CS Concept in 2007, many car magazines, blogs, or just online/offline media in general, tried to use the CS …

Since the unveiling of the BMW CS Concept in 2007, many car magazines, blogs, or just online/offline media in general, tried to use the CS Concept as a base for all the future BMW designs. We have seen the next generation 2012 BMW 3 Series being portrayed as a mini CS, the new 5 Series, 7 Series and you name it…

And of course, the 2010 BMW 6 Series could not have been excluded from this silly game. The German magazine Auto Motor und Sport, just published in their latest edition, new renderings of the next 6er. And do you want to guess? It says CS Concept all over them!!!

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I mean, come on guys, a little bit of imagination here, not all the bimmers will be a mini, medium or large CS. Try to focus a little bit on the recent design language and take it from there, forget about the CS for a second. The concept was supposed to be the flagship of BMW’s fleet, not a model that will inspire all the designs, from 1 Series and up.

Rant Continued

But let us share with them what we know about the 2011 6 Series: BMW will not be drastically changing the current successful design, the headlights will be similar to the ones on the CS Concept, but will not have the circular cut out, just a straight across slit. So yes, the headlights will resemble a bit the CS, but it stops there.

118091 498x332

Longer than today’s model, the 2010 6-Series will offer more legroom for rear passengers. At the same time, it will get a sportier cockpit with a more driver oriented console layout. We also learned that the convertible will be offered with a folding hardtop, like the new 3-Series convertible.

So, remember: NOT a drastic change in the new design!

21 responses to “2010 BMW 6 Series? Just another CS Concept rendering”

  1. Giom says:

    Do we know who the main designer of the CS concept was? Or was it a big group of designers. To me it looks like they use individuals on specific projects. One person does the exterior, another works on the interior and a third one on colours and materials.

    Looking at these renders reminded me again what brilliant design the CS concept is. It’s a really handsome car with design eliments that could look good for years to come. I am so hoping this car will see the light of day as a production model. It’s a mistake to see it as a Panamera or Rapide compettior. It’s so big, I think it’s in a class of its own.

  2. Gord says:

    Actually if they cut the CS Concept to 2 doors, it would look pretty nice.

  3. Brookside says:

    Exterior CS Concept designer is Karim Antoine Habib and Nadia Arnaud was lead interior designer. The car debuted in 2007 at the Shanghai Auto Show.

    But yes, I agree this photoshop doesn’t thrill. I think half the time tho BMW “leaks” design hints to people like Huckfeldt and they more or less have to fill in the blanks- sometimes less successfully than others.

    The new 6-er could be absolutely stunning- a hothouse for new design. Afterall, this is the car from the line-up that is the most extroverted in its allusions to bling, & screams for attention. Not my thing but I get a big kick out of the present model.

  4. Gragop says:

    This doesn’t quite work as a convertible, at least not in my eyes and the coupe looks too forced but has potential.

  5. bunker says:

    But wait, Horatiu. Both the new 7er and the new 5er GT have been (heavily, IMO) influenced by the CS. So, maybe, when all is said and done, we’ll look back on it and think of it less as a flagship concept and more an a GINA-style influence across the whole range. If the new 6er looks like this, it will be ridiculously badass.

  6. Gord says:

    Well I always thought the CS Concept was like the Z9. The Z9 when released in 1999 was used to show the I-Drive concept, and the new BMW styling. I think CS Concept shows the styling of future BMW’s.

    And the Z9 became the 6 series as we know it today.

  7. Horatiu B. says:

    @bunker: Actually, the CS Concept was based out of the 7 Series. There was always a confusion about that.

  8. patricksixer says:

    No drastic change = :( for me…this ain’t the E24, not sure if it should run for 10+ years in same/similar basic form. Although the E63 has always had potential, as that firm showed…I do want to see what they can do with it.

    But then again, as far as this chop is concerned…I wouldn’t mind if they took the CS-front end and made it more shark-like for the F12 6 Series…you see where I’m going with this :)…

    Realistically though, I’d like to see the “5 Series GT” front on the upcoming chops. I’d love to see one of the F10 sedan using that (from an angle)…and you could still do the shark thing with the 6er as well! LOL I need to give up already…

  9. Gragop says:

    I thought BMW was working to distinguish coupe styling cues more from that of sedan styling cues. Wouldn’t this rendering contradict that?

  10. The Lee says:

    The ‘vert looks a lot like a Mercedes…

    (And that’s not a good thing.)

  11. Tom Hegedosh says:

    I read longer, and think… heavier. hmm

  12. SUPRAUDI says:


  13. Alex says:

    I know that Audi makes clothes, not cars… :)

  14. The Lee says:


    Way to add an intelligent comment to the conversation.

    Are you 12?

  15. Doug says:

    This is pretty cool all-over. The CS design is really exciting enough for a sports coupe, and a little too exciting for a luxury sedan.

  16. Doug says:

    PS… anyone notice the 635ti on the back? Interesting choice.

  17. The Lee says:

    Looks like a ci to me…

  18. Josh B says:

    I really like this rendering, although this is not new Horatiu. I have seen it before. The rear isnt that much of a drastic change. The boot lid seems very simuler aswell as the size of the rear bumper. Sure the lights are completly different but the design elements in the rear seem very true to the current 6. The front on the other hand is BAD ASS! Just what the 6 series should be! It should be a bad ass BMW! BTW Love the side “vent” with a BMW sign, very appropriate for a 6 series, like the M badge but BMW :) reminds me of the Z8, and that was possibly the only thing i liked about the car.

  19. e46 m3 says:

    Looks mean. I am liking the new front ends that BMW has designed. They look hungry and bad.

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