So, as you can see, the new E89 BMW Z4 takes a big step in its new styling. It features very similar designs from the updated 2009 3-Series and the new F-series 7. I love it! I think it’s a fantastic way for BMW to go in this department. The interior has an even nicer build quality look than the previous model.

I like how the interior deploys a different look and feel than the current models offered by BMW. One thing BMW does, similarly to most automakers, they seem to use very similar interior styling. Not that it bothers me, it’s just always nice to get into a Z4 and see that it has nothing really in common with a 5-Series. Now, if you get into a 5er and a 3er and see that there are similar placements of the buttons, that’s fine, because they serve similar purposes.

Whereas cars like the Z4, 6er and 7’s serve the purpose of being the BMW’s for different clients. The Z4 is the client that wants a traditional sports car. The 6-Series is the person that wants the upscale BMW in a coupe fashion. Basically a coupe 7. The 7, well, do I have to explain why people buy the 7? I didn’t really think so.

The one thing that I do love about BMW, and especially when I talk to the client advisors, the fancy way of calling them salesman, or when I talk to the product managers and such, they all seem to say the same thing without fault, BMW is sport first, and everything else second. I love that attitude. It’s about the driver and his or her needs, not all of the fancy stuff they can have. They can have it in there too, if they so please. They just need to click the option box on that one.

But it’s what makes a BMW a BMW. There is no BMW that is derived more on luxury than it is sport. That’s not what the company has been about in its long history. BMW is a company, like Porsche and Ferrari, that needs no new business plan. They’ve had pretty much the same one since the beginning, and while they may tweak it here and there, it still drives toward the same balance of customer satisfaction through motorsports. 

But, back to what I was talking about before. The new Z4 is an excellent of BMW tweaking things here and there, but keeping the overall principle. A small 2-door, 2-seat car with traditional motives of sports car abilities and functions, with the right amount of luxury and technology drawn in. 

One thing that I do not like about any of the new BMW’s is this push button park brake feature. What in the hell is this? Why can’t I have my e-brake to pull whenever I need to? I want to be able to pull in e-brake in the event of an emergency, or the event I want, or need, to help enable a good, clean powerslide, or drift as the new kids call it. Sometimes you want to add a little opposite lock into your daily driving, am I wrong?

Well, at least that’s for those of us who can do it and not kill someone, because we’re immature and need to learn when not to be stupid on the roads. That means, don’t ever be stupid. Be smart, drive safely, because you never know, the person who’s life you may be saving, could be mine… 

I can’t finish on a down note about the new Z4. It will sure be one hell of an automobile. I can’t wait to get one from BMW and put it through its paces. I just hope it has a manual and is a different color than the champagne they seem to love to use to show in their pictures.

BMW, if you’re reading, PLEASE, give us the new twin-turbo V8 with a new Z4 M!!! I can’t stress enough how great the last Z4 M was. I’ve driven a Z4 M coupe on so many occasions. It made my heart pump as hard as the times I’ve driven the new E90/E92 M3. And, if you know me, that’s saying a lot! Give us an ///M. Please, also give us a dedicated coupe. I love the hardtop convertible feature, but I, personally, would rather have a coupe. 

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