……Picking up my “baby”. Sorry for keeping all of you waiting for the final moment, but I wanted to walk you through every step of my European Delivery experience, so, if you remember, it all started with the morning moments spent in the Premier Lounge eating those amazing sandwiches and german pastry. Shortly after, I started my Product Info tour and I stopped right before I was being introduced to my new BMW 335i.

After my introductory tour was finished, I had a few minutes to go pick-up my things from the lounge(btw, you can actually lock them in there and take them whenever you’re ready) and I was supposed to go meet Ms. Lange again in front of the Premier Lounge, where the LCD panels, numbered A1 through A3, are located. Since my AAA batteries ran out during my Product Info Tour, I had to run outside the Welt, near the U-Bahn station to buy some more. It’s a short walk so I was back within 5 min.

Here is the monitor A3 where my delivery tour started, as you can see, my name is on the board, along with the delivery time, the dealership name and the delivery specialist.

BMW European Delivery

From this point on, your delivery specialist will walk you down the stairs that will take you to your new bimmer. At this moment the excitement is at its peak and I was really anxious to see my car, …..to see if the Montego Blue is really what I wanted, ….to see if I indeed like the black interior with the aluminum trim or should have I chosen the classy wood trim??!! Thousand of things went through my mind at this point and honestly, I couldn’t even really hear Ms. Lange talking to me.

BMW European delivery bmw welt

From my understanding, everything is controlled by the delivery specialist from her Pocket PC that she was holding at all time. So, as soon as we approach the final steps, she pushed some buttons on her little gadget and the turntable started rolling and the car was shining under the lights like a star.

Once again, I decided to focus more on the video shooting rather than photos.

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Ignore my german buddy :) He was probably more excited that I was.  He kept calling my car a “little rocket” and was he right?! :)

And here is my “sweet little rocket”. The color was EVERYTHING I have ever imagined. I was debating until the last moment if I should go with the Alpine White or the Montego Blue. I had many other cars in Silver, Gray colors so it was a big change for me.

BMW 335i Montego Blue

BMW 335i Montego Blue

BMW 335i Montego Blue

BMW 335i Montego Blue

During this process, Ms. Lange continued to talk about the car, explaining some basic things, touching the issue on the sport package and the summer tires or the non-existing spare due to the run flat tires being standard on the car.

BMW 335i Montego Blue

BMW 335i Montego Blue

BMW 335i Montego Blue

I am not a big fan of the wheel style, I think I like the 5-spoke wheel, found on the coupe version, better but I can’t be too picky now, isn’t it?

BMW 335i wheel

A little video also

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Once again, my german friend was asking a lot of questions :) Funny thing, he lives like 5 min away from the Welt, so I’m sure he goes there pretty often.

And now the moment I was waiting for: the smell of a brand new car.

And once again, I was right, the black interior goes really well with the aluminum trim. I have the Beige/Wood combination in my family’s X3 and I love it, but I still think my combo goes really well on a 3-series.

BMW 3-series interior

BMW 3-series interior

I forgot to mention that during this presentation, another BMW employee will come and take a photo of you and your car and within few minutes, she will bring back to you in a nice photo cover.

From this point, the only thing you have to do is to sign your name on the delivery specialist’s Pocket PC and you are good to go. In my case, I chose to stay a little longer on the Premier Lever. Also, in case you have just flown in and you have your luggage with you, the luggage service will bring it to the car upon the actual handover process.

Also remember, the fuel tank is only about a quarter filled up, but that should last at least 100 miles.

On average, this process of handing over a new car takes 40-45 minutes. Before the customer leaves the building down the ramp from the Premiere Level, he receives a key tag with a personal engraving, the photo taken before, and of course all the keys to the your new shinny car.

Since I was going to attend the Factory Tour, I decided to go and leave the car with the Valet Service, another complementary featured offered by BMW. You will basically drive down the ramp, exit the Welt and leave the car right in front with the valet, then when you’re ready to leave, all you have to do is to see the BMW Customer Service Agents inside and your car will be pulled up front.

In my case, since I was at the Welt for another 6-7 hours, the valet service was done for the day, but my car was parked outside so all I had to do was to request my keys from the front-desk.

This pretty much concludes my BMW European Delivery experience, I had a wonderful time and with this occasion I would like to thank my friend and partner, Mr. Irv Robinson, from Motorwerks , Barrington IL. Once again, he made this whole process go very smooth and without worries. This is my second European Delivery done through Irv and I could already say that in 2-3 years, I will go down this road once again.

I will probably write another article on the BMW Welt itself, since the building, the features inside and the entertainment  are absolutely fabulous. So, stay tunned and you won’t be sorry.

I hope you enjoyed these series of article and should you have any questions, please feel free to ask.