Could BMW still create a Porsche 911-fighting 6 Series?

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We’ve known for some time now that BMW would switching its 6 Series model line from the sleek, svelte coupe that it currently is to a …

We’ve known for some time now that BMW would switching its 6 Series model line from the sleek, svelte coupe that it currently is to a frumpy Gran Turismo model. We’ve even seen pictures of the new 6 Series GT driving around in all of its frumpy glory. Yet, could we be wrong in thinking that BMW isn’t also working on a svelte sports car to wear the 6 Series nameplate, something that could compete with the Porsche 911?

The upcoming BMW 8 Series Coupe and Convertible will be replacing what we know as the current 6 Series, as the grand-touring coupe/convertible in BMW’s lineup. However, that car will grow in size, luxury and price, to compete with the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe/Cabrio. So there will be a void in BMW’s lineup where the 6 Series used to be and where the Porsche 911 resides. It’s a spot the BMW should fill, regardless of whether or not it plans to.

Porsche’s 911 has been the most popular and successful sports car in the segment for decades. It’s the quintessential luxury sports car in its price range and the car that every other carmaker tries to beat. Mercedes-Benz currently has its own Porsche 911 fighter, in the Mercedes-AMG GT, and even Audi is planning on an entry-level R8 to take on the 911. So it would only make sense for BMW to create another 6 Series Coupe to do battle with the famous Porsche.

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It also wouldn’t be unheard of for BMW to develop to completely different types of car with the same nameplate. It did it with the 3 Series and 5 Series Gran Turismo, as BMW sold regular sedan variants of both those cars. BMW also currently sells the 2 Series Coupe/Convertible and the 2 Series Active Tourer. So it’s not like it would be completely out of line for BMW to make a 6 Series Coupe and a 6 Series Gran Turismo.

However, I think it’s smart for BMW to create the 8 Series first. Let the top-of-the-line 8 Series set the standard for style, technology and luxury and then borrow from that. From what we’ve seen of spy photos of the new 8 Series, it’s going to be a real looker, with long, sexy coupe styling that evokes images of the Aston Martin DB9. So if the 6 Series can borrow some of the 8  Series’ looks, just in a smaller package, as well as its luxuries and technologies, it would be better off. Plus, with the 8 Series occupying the space in BMW’s lineup for a grand tourer, the 6 Series could be more focused on performance, much like the 911. It wouldn’t have to straddle that line between sports car and GT car like the current model does. This seems like the best case scenario for BMW and something we hope happens in the future.

22 responses to “Could BMW still create a Porsche 911-fighting 6 Series?”

  1. Icebreakerr says:

    yep i can see it happening it all makes sense now

  2. jason bourne says:

    Hopefully the 911 fighter won’t look like that red hommage POS posted at the top of this article.

    It rivals any of the current Lexus models for pure, nauseating ugliness.

  3. Kaisuke971 says:

    If BMW really wanted to fight the 911, the AMG GT or even the R8, they’d make an i8 M or CSL

  4. bmw driver says:

    So the 6 series will change from a 2 ton coupe, lose 600kg and become a 911 competitor? Okay, just let me have a puff of that roach. Meanwhile the 2 series coupe continues to be neglected, despite the fact that it’s the perfect size for a 911/Cayman competitor. It’s perfectly plausible for the 2 series to have an M2 which competes with the 911/Cayman base models, and M2 CP which competes with the 911/Cayman S range and a hardcore M2 GTS and CSL that go after the RS range. They don’t have to be faster, just some nice interior options and a focus on customers who want a small, somewhat practical, driver focused, purist sports car. Won’t happen though. The current corporate direction seems to be winning the luxury sales crown, which means making large luxury cars and FWD badge purchase vehicles.

    • Weiman says:

      I would say the M2 already competes with the 718 Cayman. Ok it’s heavier, but it has quite a bit more power than the Cayman and is quite a bit cheaper than the Cayman S.
      The 911 is a different story..

  5. guest says:

    911 is 50 yr. old archaic, outmoded warhorse, evolve the i8. As always, BMW, go your own way – LEAD!

  6. Autopal says:

    I have no problem with BMW developing a 911 fighter, but I don’t think it should be the 6 series. The 6er would have to be much smaller than it is now, to compete with the 911. In my opinion, the 6 series coupe should continue with its present size, (lose some weight, off course) and compete with the E class coupe.
    I suspect Mercedes will sell lots of their new E coupe, especially with their new straight 6 engine unveiling soon

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