Video: BMW F90 M5 Spotted Testing with CFRP Roof and M Mirrors

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If up until now we couldn’t be exactly sure whether BMW was testing the new M5 on the Nurburgring, or just the M550i model, (since …

If up until now we couldn’t be exactly sure whether BMW was testing the new M5 on the Nurburgring, or just the M550i model, (since all we had to go on was the V8 engine sound) today we’re rather sure that’s the case. A new video of the car being put through its paces on the Green Hell was uploaded to Youtube and this time we recognized some more bits and pieces that confirm this is an M5 after all.

We’re talking about an innovation for the M5 in all of its manufacturing history: a CFRP roof. The Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer material was used on other M cars before, from the M3 CSL to the current M3/M4 models and the M6 but never on the M5 so far. Therefore, this will be a premiere for the model and the brand at the same time, when the new uber-sedan comes out.

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Another interesting add-on are the M mirrors on the sides. When the M2 came out, the whole community had a feast making fun of BMW because they launched the baby M with the same side mirrors as found on the 2 Series. However, these are just small details that don’t make a difference in the way the car handles. Of course, they do look cool but other than that, they’re not all that important. As a matter of fact, on the M4 they actually gather raindrops on the side windows, blocking your view, but I digress. But the M mirrors on this 5 Series test mule do confirm that it’s an M5.

The car in the footage below is definitely an M5. From the aforementioned parts to the sound and speed it covers ground with, you can tell it’s not playing around. The new M5 will come with close to 600 HP and it will most likely carry over the S63 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8, another premiere for the M brand. According to our sources, it will most likely be an AWD ordeal only which will surely disappoint M enthusiasts. However, the chief of the M division, Frank van Meel, told us that it will be a special system that will aim at making the car as agile and fast as possible, the front axle receiving power only when absolutely needed. Let’s hope this comes out as we’re all dreaming it should.

20 responses to “Video: BMW F90 M5 Spotted Testing with CFRP Roof and M Mirrors”

  1. Marco di Vayo says:

    0:58-1:08 – watch how an S-Class easily keeps up with this idiotic turtle called m5 (I’d say m fucked). Is this the best that stupid bmw can offer? The car takes a corner at 20 kmh, and it seems that it will fly off the track. Mercedes-Benz is the King, and bmw is garbage!

    • Jonathan Oshea says:

      I also noticed that. I can’t understand what idiotic bmw owners have in their gayish brand to boast about.

      • Marco di Vayo says:

        I guess they adore being owned by Mercedes-Benz drivers from behind constantly. ))))))))))))
        Stupid faggots and hopeless losers.

  2. Martin fonda says:

    Yesterday I smoked an E60 m5 with my W211 e350 easily. The bmw asshole driver (all of them are assholes generally) stopped his car and started to kick it. These bmw drivers have no brains. Just an absolute idiots. The same can be said regarding those who also like this useless brand. bmw is just for idiots.

  3. Marco di Vayo says:

    Now I guess the administrator will ban all of us for our comments because we say bitter truth. Hey, admin, what would you say? Isn’t bmw for idiots only? Isn’t bmw owned in ass constantly by Mercedes-Benz? Who in the world would come to this blog to read about that garbage brand? You can also say that all these negative posts about bmw are made by one man under different nicknames)))))

  4. Patrick Morgan says:

    Too much hatred for BMW. Though I have to admit that Mercedes-Benz is better in every aspect. I used to own several 5 series (E39 and E60) and an F01 7 series, but after driving a 2016 C-Class with base specs all I can say is that even the C-Class is enough to put Mercedes-Ben far above BMW, let alone the E-Class and S-Class. Much more comfortable much more refined engines, much more sophisticated and capable chassis. BMW is worth nothing after one has driven a Mercedes-Benz.

    • Marco di Vayo says:

      I’m glad that you made a progress, my friend. Otherwise bmw drivers are too stupid and empty heads to understand anything in automobiles. Moreover, those pathetic bmw drivers give their cars to their wives, the car gets stuck in the middle of the road, they take them to the repair shop, and the repair men have a quickie with those wives (I owned several of them when they were hopelessly stuck in the middle of their journey, and it took me nothing to invite them to my car and…they simply liked it). Those bmw drivers are owned by us all the way. Do you have any answer to this, idiotic bmw drivers? Then stand in front of mirror and look at your horns, floor cloths.

      • Jonathan Oshea says:

        Actually, I also screwed several wives driving a bmw. Maybe among them were wives of those who make positive comments about bmw in this blog. Just horny idiots. All their wallet goes for their rubbish bmw, meanwhile their wives enjoy wonderful time with us. I adore screwing married women, especially those whose stupid husbands drive a bmw. They scream so hard when I own them in my Mercedes-Benz or in the forest.

  5. Will Johnson says:

    If this is the m5, then bmw should keep silent for the rest of their miserable life.

  6. SAinUK says:

    Geez, cant believe what idiots you guys are? Didnt see an s-class that ‘easily keeps up”, did see one that got left behind by an M5 in a sweeping bend. Why so much hatred? Are you guys that unhappy with your mercs?

  7. Max says:

    Hoho so many loser comments on one page..BMWBLOG is getting spamed by some poor kids :D
    But, btw. where do you see a CFRP roof?

    • Gabriel Nica says:

      If you look closely at the roof, you’ll notice creases down the middle which are identical to the ones used on the M3/M4 pointing to a CFRP roof.

      • Max says:

        But that doesnt mean its actually a CFRP roof ;)

        • Gabriel Nica says:

          Well, if you don’t believe us or our sources that confirm this is a CFRP roof, you might want to think about why BMW is using camouflage for the roof in the first place, a rather peculiar move considering how far along the prototype is (basically production guise). CFRP will also be infused throughout the rest of the body of the car, Carbon Core being used on the 5 Series just as on the 7 Series from now on.

          • Max says:

            I didnt say it isnt a CFRP roof. I am just saying that the design (creases down the middle) you described is always an evidence for that…

  8. Kaisuke971 says:

    It’s not a first that the M5 carries the S63: the E28 and the E34 both had the S38 block, and the Z3 M and the Z4 M both had the S54 engine. Plus the X5 M already kept the S63 anyway.

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