If up until now we couldn’t be exactly sure whether BMW was testing the new M5 on the Nurburgring, or just the M550i model, (since all we had to go on was the V8 engine sound) today we’re rather sure that’s the case. A new video of the car being put through its paces on the Green Hell was uploaded to Youtube and this time we recognized some more bits and pieces that confirm this is an M5 after all.

We’re talking about an innovation for the M5 in all of its manufacturing history: a CFRP roof. The Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer material was used on other M cars before, from the M3 CSL to the current M3/M4 models and the M6 but never on the M5 so far. Therefore, this will be a premiere for the model and the brand at the same time, when the new uber-sedan comes out.


Another interesting add-on are the M mirrors on the sides. When the M2 came out, the whole community had a feast making fun of BMW because they launched the baby M with the same side mirrors as found on the 2 Series. However, these are just small details that don’t make a difference in the way the car handles. Of course, they do look cool but other than that, they’re not all that important. As a matter of fact, on the M4 they actually gather raindrops on the side windows, blocking your view, but I digress. But the M mirrors on this 5 Series test mule do confirm that it’s an M5.

The car in the footage below is definitely an M5. From the aforementioned parts to the sound and speed it covers ground with, you can tell it’s not playing around. The new M5 will come with close to 600 HP and it will most likely carry over the S63 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8, another premiere for the M brand. According to our sources, it will most likely be an AWD ordeal only which will surely disappoint M enthusiasts. However, the chief of the M division, Frank van Meel, told us that it will be a special system that will aim at making the car as agile and fast as possible, the front axle receiving power only when absolutely needed. Let’s hope this comes out as we’re all dreaming it should.