Mercedes teases C63 AMG Coupe with video

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Mercedes-Benz has been teasing its C63 AMG Coupe quite a bit lately. Recently, it teased the car on Facebook, with a handful of images of …

Mercedes-Benz has been teasing its C63 AMG Coupe quite a bit lately. Recently, it teased the car on Facebook, with a handful of images of the C63 on a track. It got our attention pretty quickly, as the C63 AMG sedan is one of the better sports sedans on the market, probably second to only the M3.

And the previous C63 AMG Coupe was an absolute riot. So naturally, we’re all curious to see what all the hubbub is about.

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Well, the folks in Affalterbach have teased us once more, except this time it’s with video. A very short video, consisting of a bunch of very short clips of a racing driving readying the car for a lap, has surfaced on YouTube. This sort of teaser marketing isn’t new, but it’s working. As much as I’d prefer the M3 to the C63, this has me deeply intrigued. Mercedes-Benz and AMG clearly knows what their doing.

In the video, the driver closes the hood, shuts the door, gets in, adjusts mirrors, checks systems and starts the 4.0 liter twin-turbo V8. The one thing the C63 AMG has over the M3 is engine sound. That V8 sounds glorious, especially considering that it has two noise-sucking turbos attached to it. But this extremely short clip has me jealous of the driver and wanting to get behind the wheel of the AMG-powered beast.

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The last C63 Coupe was a very good car, indeed. And the 507 edition was even better. it was a car that rivaled the M3 in an entirely different manner. The M3/M4 is all precision, it can cut corners like it’s a scalpel for the road. But the C63 was madness, roasting its rear tires at will simply because it could. There’s a certain likability to a car that is designed solely for the purpose of being insane. And considering how powerful the 4.0 liter engine is in the current C63 sedan, I’m assuming this coupe will be similar to its predecessor.

I’m not sure how good it will be, how it will stack up to the M3/M4, but this video certainly has me intrigued. Mercedes sought out to get our attention, and it’s certainly gotten mine. I wonder how it will stack up against the M4.

2 responses to “Mercedes teases C63 AMG Coupe with video”

  1. Autopal says:

    I have always been a BMW fanatic, with the E90 335i the best car I have ever owned, but I would buy this car in a heartbeat over the M4. Firstly, I don’t track my car, so any superiority the M4 may have on the track is irrelevant, and most ordinary folks like me don’t have the driving talents to take any of these cars to the limits, secondly, the interior of the AMG is heavenly, but the main reason I would buy this car, is that stupendous exhaust note! That is my biggest beef with the M3/M4. If i’m going to spend that kind of coin on a high performance car, it must sound like a high performance car, and the C63 delivers in spades.

    • Kaisuke971 says:

      I’m not really sure about the sound thing. First, i think if you love the AMG sound in the first place, turbo or not, F80 or not, you’ll likely be going to buy an AMG. Then, the C63 does not really have the same spirit… It is more meant to be a luxurious beast (like all AMGs, besides the GT i’d say), while the M4 is a sharp and sleek Coupe. It’s not because you cannot drive like a pro that you won’t feel the difference while behind the wheel… I was quite skeptical about the M3 in the first place when the C63 came out, because the W205 is an absolute monster.
      But then things never change, and it’s like E92 vs W204 C63 AMG Coupe: they are cars in the same segment, yes, but for different people, and the turbo engine sound thing does not change the situation. The AMG sounds way less beefy, and the M3 less racy.
      Does the C63 sound better than the M4 ? I think it already did in its previous form. Yes the E92 had the S65 screaming V8, but the M156 is one of the very best sounding V8 ever… I’ve heard one (my first one) RIGHT AFTER a 360 Challenge Stradale, and they were equally good. S65 is great but damn… M156 is just beyond that.
      Now M178 (not sure) just sounds great, and S55 is okay (well good for me but not for every one), i don’t think it changes a think like people say. It’s not that much of a drama.
      Now if you told me the new one sounded like the M156 and the M4 still like this i’d be like “Oh hell yeah” but it just doesn’t.
      In my opinion the sound of the C63 is not a major point like you say, and i’d still get the M4 over it.
      That said i’d buy the M3 over both ^^’

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