What do you think it’s now the most beautiful BMW?

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A while back, we discussed what the best looking BMW was. I had said that I thought it was the 6 Series Gran Coupe, and …

A while back, we discussed what the best looking BMW was. I had said that I thought it was the 6 Series Gran Coupe, and I still stand by that. Except, now I’m more leaning toward the 6 Series as a whole, both Coupe and Gran Coupe. After the headlights were redone, and some interior bits were updated, I feel as if the 6 Series is the prettiest of all BMWs.

That’s not to say that the rest are ugly. In fact, BMW has many great looking cars at the moment. The 2 Series is the best looking small coupe on the market, the 4 Series is a stunner and the i8 is breathtaking. But as far as actual beautiful cars go, the 6er is the one that does it for me. It just has all the right curves, the long, low hood and low roofline give it the classic BMW looks. Regardless of coupe or Gran Coupe, M or non-M, it simply looks fantastic.

2015 bmw 6 series facelift 1900x1200 wallpapers 28 750x501

And that’s just the outside. The interior of the 6er is easily my favorite of the Bavarian bunch. It’s so luxurious and different from, not only every other BMW, but from everything else on the road. I simply love the way that the right side of the center console swoops upward into the dash and is wrapped in beautiful leather. Or how the giant nav screen seems nestled into a cozy little nook made out of leather. It’s just such a luxurious and desirable cabin.

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Then there’s the M6, which looks absolutely menacing. Especially in Gran Coupe form. The, somewhat, double bubble roof and giant dished wheels give it an angry look. Both Coupe and Gran Coupe look like they mean business. Even if they aren’t the best handling M cars out there, they definitely look the part.


That’s the beauty of the 6 Series — it can look so luxurious and pretty, yet still be able to look mean and aggressive. It takes a car designed with perfect balance to be able to do such a thing. Because even the standard 6 Series can look aggressive and even the M6 can look graceful. So maybe that’s the perfect way to describe the 6 Series styling. Aggressively graceful.

16 responses to “What do you think it’s now the most beautiful BMW?”

  1. Joe Gregory says:

    BMW M6 Gran Coupe isnt only the best looking BMW but is also one of the best looking cars on the market today.

  2. Kaisuke971 says:

    M6 Gran Coupe oh god how can this thing look that good. I saw a Frozen Black one in Paris and even if that is a pretty discrete color this thing stands out between Ferraris and Rolls Royce !
    What a looker this beast…

  3. kylecronin says:

    I must be the only person that doesn’t like the look of the 6 series/M6. To my eye, the 4 series, especially the M4, looks so much better.

    • Kaisuke971 says:

      The M4 stands out as well, it’s one hell of a looker too. The M3 might look a bit more aggressive (wider, 4 doors ), but the M4 looks better.
      But damn there can be 100 M4 in front of me just 1 M6GC and i forget the M4

    • iLeicaMike says:

      You’re not alone in this; I recently purchased (April) a 435i Gran Coupé, in the M-Sport trim. My spouse and I spent the whole day at the dealership, looking at everything from the Alpina B6 to a 3 series sports wagon. At the end of the day, both inside and out, we both agreed (a rarity) that the 4 was the car we were most impressed with.

      Okay, that’s not entirely honest… I really wanted the M4 they had on the showroom floor but apparently I’ll “kill myself in that thing”, so it got vetoed quickly.

  4. Dustin says:

    I came here to say M6 Gran Coupe, and it doesn’t look like I’m alone. The roof is an amazing M6-only detail, and the Gran Coupe looks more proportional than the 2-door. I like the headlights of the 6-series more than the other models as well… More rounded while still looking aggressive. The M6 Gran Coupe is the gentleman’s weapon.

  5. joseph_rma says:

    6 series, both Coupe and Gran Coupe with its sleek lines. Such an elegant, beautiful automobile and for that elegance it’s the best looking one in BMW’s lineup. i8 is something different, something futuristic and agressive. 2 series, as you mentioned is the best looking little coupe, and 4 series is very good looking and agressive one, but compared to the 6-er.. you can see it’s above them

  6. Ash says:

    i love the m6 and 6 series. sometimes i think, they look soooo good, how are they supposed to make them look better? then the next gen will be even more amazing, and ill ask the same question again :) :O

  7. IceDree says:

    Of new BMWs currently on sale, I agree … The 6er line is the most beautiful one.

  8. Icebreakerr says:

    M6 GC

  9. jason bourne says:

    None of the current BMWs are a standout, IMO.

  10. 2sfhim says:

    Probably the M6 GC or Alpina B6 currently. But one of the best ever is the M3 e92.

  11. Stephen Garrett says:

    M6 Gran Coupe hands down. One of the most beautiful cars on the road, period.

  12. asd says:

    4 series gran coupe

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