BMW 328i Sports Wagon – Still one of the best BMWs for families

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As a younger guy who’s looking to start a family within the next few years, I’ve started thinking about what kind of car of have …

As a younger guy who’s looking to start a family within the next few years, I’ve started thinking about what kind of car of have to buy once the family starts. Obviously I’d like a BMW, so I started to think of which Bimmer would be the best choice.

Obviously, my mind goes to something with a good back seat and a lot of cargo space. So my choices are limited to any SUV or wagon.

SUVs aren’t bad because they offer the most room and the all-weather capability. An X3 would be the most ideal of all BMW SUVs because of its good combination of size, comfort, performance, economy and, of course, safety. My only issue with the X3 is the price. It’s a bit too expensive for someone who just had children.

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This leads me to wagons. Wagons offer the versatility of SUVs yet are cheaper and drive better. The only true wagon BMW sells is the 3 Series wagon. Actually it only sells the 328i ($40,350) or 328d xDrive wagon ($41,900) in either gas or diesel, respectively. So this, to me is the best BMW for a hound family. It has everything needed; good space, good engine, great handling, all-wheel drive and good safety all for less than an SUV will cost to own and run.

How I went from a 2007 Porsche Cayman to a BMW 328i Sports Wagon

bmw 328d sports wagon 750x421

At first glance, the F31 BMW 3 Series Touring looks like an evolution of the E91 3 Series Sports Wagon, but after a prolonged drive, the improvements over the previous generation begin to surface. Overall, the new F31 surpasses its predecessor by 3.66 inches in outer length, which in addition to larger cargo space, it offers the passengers more head and legroom.

The sporty touring also has a longer wheelbase, 1.96 inches over the previous model, as well as a wider track (front + 37 mm/1.46 in., rear + 48 mm/1.85 in.), all of these combined give the F31 Touring increased dynamics and ride balance. Despite the larger dimensions, more standard equipment and increase in torsional stiffness by ten percent, the mass weight is kept in check – depending on the model, up to 40 kilograms less than the E91 model.


The 328d xDrive Sports Wagon variant is powered by a 2.0 liter four-cylinder turbocharged diesel unit producing 181 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque. It averages 35 mpg.

It comes with an eight-speed automatic with Sport programming, xDrive all-wheel drive, iDrive infotainment, Bluetooth connectivity, power front seats, and an adjustable chassis with Eco Pro, Comfort, and Sport settings. Add to the options list the automatic climate control, auto-dimming mirrors, a power panoramic sunroof, and ambient lighting, and you have a great family cruiser in your hands.


So when it comes time to have little versions of myself running around, I’ll be looking into a 328d xDrive wagon. This way I can ride around with the kids in style and economy.

6 responses to “BMW 328i Sports Wagon – Still one of the best BMWs for families”

  1. John Redford says:

    I have a 328d wagon and like it a lot. I recently went on a weekend ski trip with my wife, two kids, and a dog and we all fit! Although that was with a cargo box on top for the skis themselves and some small luggage. We’re making good use of those rails! The all-wheel drive has also been handy. In the summer I get about 39 mpg on a tank, and in the winter about 36. The heating controls could use some work, though. You can’t defrost and heat the cabin at the same time, and the defrost is too warm.

  2. vvla says:

    Cheaper than an suv, that made me lol. 2016 BMW X3 starts at $38,950.

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