AutoWeek reviews the 2011 BMW 328i Sports Wagon

3-Series | December 30th, 2010 by 5
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One of the most understated BMW models in the US, the 328i Sports Wagon, receives a stellar review from AutoWeek editors. With the removal of …

One of the most understated BMW models in the US, the 328i Sports Wagon, receives a stellar review from AutoWeek editors. With the removal of the 5 Series Sports Wagon from US line-up, the question remains whether next generation 3 Series will be introduced in the North American market with a sports wagon variant.

Here is an excerpt from the AutoWeek review:

“Let’s see, here we have one of the best-driving cars on the planet, with cargo room. Talk about a win-win. I didn’t have a need to use the space behind the second row, but there’s no question that everything that makes the 3-series a great car is evident in this configuration: good power from the I6, steady suspension, precise steering, luxury appointments, rakish styling in a classic wagon configuration and solid build quality everywhere.

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It’s almost embarrassing to admit it, but my fixes for this car would center on comfort stuff: I’d like a better radio tuner and cupholders that give me confidence that they’ll hold the cup through a 0-to-60-mph run.

COPY EDITOR CYNTHIA L. OROSCO-WRIGHT: This is a fine little wagon, although it seems you have to nearly squat to the ground to get in. Getting out is also a bit of a chore, and I hit my head on two separate occasions–and yes, I did duck.

NEWS EDITOR GREG MIGLIORE: This is a sharp wagon inside and out, enjoyable to drive and with a nice amount of function for a family man. The cupholders are ridiculous, so I’ll get that out of the way immediately. And frankly, they’re a little distracting when you’re trying to prevent spills, even though I couldn’t contain a few rogue drops of coffee.”

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5 responses to “AutoWeek reviews the 2011 BMW 328i Sports Wagon”

  1. Miroslav says:

    If BMW could bump the 328i to 330i power levels – say around 265-275 hp. It would be awsomeness with the silky smooth NA I6 N52 engine. Or just let us order a 335i E91 touring in the US. BMW. That’s not asking too much from the execs in Munich. The cup holders are actually one feature I miss going from my E90 sedan to E82 135i coupe. My Starbucks mug and bottle water fit perfectly and never spilled. Even with spirited driving.

  2. Ed says:

    You want a 335i Touring? NEIN!! BMW decides what we want. Apparently what we want is obese over-sized useless vehicles like the X6. Where else can you get 3 series interior room, early 1970s gas consumption and Aztek inspired styling for 7 series prices? Das market has spoken!

  3. Bdawg says:

    Love my 2011 e91. It will be a sad day when BMW no longer sells a wagon in the states. The only improvement to my e91 would be if it had a diesel motor. How I wish they would sell the European diesel wagons here. I would have bought one in an instant.

  4. Paul says:

    I love my Wagon, just traded in my 135 for a 328xi. Like Ed, I would only want the wagon in a 330 or 335. Ed, awesome comment

  5. Bimmer1 says:

    I want a 335d wagon please. Thx.

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