The 2024 Beijing Motor Show was big on electric vehicles, so it was only naturally that BMW brought out their latest EVs. Among them, the 2024 BMW i5 M60, but this time featuring a wide range of M Performance Parts. This model was showcased in Cape York Green, accented with black grilles, extended Shadow Line features, and Shadow Line headlights.

Carbon Fiber All Around

It also boasts a suite of M Performance Parts such as carbon fiber front spoiler attachments, piano black side skirts, and decorative livery along the shoulder line. True to the M Performance line, the i5 M60 includes carbon fiber mirror caps, M Performance wheels, and M Sport brakes with red calipers. A carbon fiber spoiler lip and a sporty rear diffuser with fins enhance the rear aesthetics. Unlike typical M models, this i5 M60 features a panoramic roof instead of a carbon fiber one, and is adorned with M Performance side decals in Frozen Black and grey side skirt foiling.

A Sportier Cabin

Inside, we get to see the M Sport steering wheel with a flat bottom and the 12 o’clock red marker. There is plenty of carbon fiber all around which brings some sportiness into an otherwise luxurious cabin. The M Performance door sill plates in carbon fiber are an alternative to the standard M Aluminum and BMW Aluminum door sill plates. The floor mats, adorned with M Performance lettering and embroidery in M colors, add a finishing touch that is both elegant and sporty.

Big Brakes

Performance is at the heart of the BMW i5 M60 xDrive, as evidenced by the M Performance 20-inch brake system. This system, featuring 6-piston aluminum fixed calipers in red with the M logo, not only enhances the car’s aesthetics but also its braking capabilities. The internally ventilated lightweight brake discs, designed with perforations and grooves, minimize the formation of a water film between the brake pad and disc, ensuring optimal braking performance in all conditions.

Here is a photo gallery from Beijing: