Engine code S55 for next BMW M3 / M4

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Some forums managed to dig out some information we sat on for a while, so we decided to share what we have known since last …

Some forums managed to dig out some information we sat on for a while, so we decided to share what we have known since last year. In summer of 2012, BMW built 30 F80 M3 test vehicles with a new engine, codename S55. The engine as we mentioned many times before is an inline-six turbocharged developed by M engineers but based on the N55 unit.

The prototypes were built to be tested in all kind of driving conditions and to determine their power potential, one that our sources continue to say it will fall somewhere between 410 and 450 horsepower. It is widely known that BMW is famous for publishing lower horsepower numbers that the engine’s potential, so anything is possible with the M3 and M4.

This latest tidbit of information was found in a BMW VIN registered with the UK authorities and confirms what we have known: inline six and above 400 hp (415 to be exact). Another interesting reveal is the displacement, 3.0 liter versus a widely rumored 3.2 liter unit.

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Since the car is most likely still in the testing phase, the horsepower number is not set in stone and could change until launch time.

Some BMW fans might be disappointed by the power figure, but as Dr. Friedrich Nitschke, BMW M CEO, told us exclusively last year, the M division focused on weight reduction techniques for the new M3 and M4, which implicitly will offer better performance than the current E90/E92 models.

BMWBLOG: What are some of the things that M does to keep a lower weight of future cars?

Dr. Nitschke: This is one of the most important things for us: reducing weight. In the new M5 and M6, we reduced the weight quite a bit, but dramatically weight savings will be seen in the new M3. We are using not only parts made out of aluminum, but we are also at the the front of our industry to use carbon fiber across many models. We will bring additional parts made out of carbon fiber.

Even though we initially believed that the M3 will be present in Geneva in March, we are now inclined to believe that BMW will save the big reveal for their home show in Frankfurt, a far better and more imposing venue to reveal one of their flagship models.

Stay tuned in the next few weeks for more information as testing approaches its final stages!

22 responses to “Engine code S55 for next BMW M3 / M4”

  1. Mateo says:

    nothing new!

    just updated regular engine, mostly turbo stuff like in m5

    it will be another class leading vehicle as previous models but it just won’t be the true ///M.
    Yes, most of people will say it’s not about the engine…bla bla…oh, why don’t you just put diesel in it then?
    M used to have highly-tuned versions of engines and last models e60/e92 did what M should do!!! Make true M engines!!!

    • auaq says:

      You know what I rather move and look forward with this force induction thing. If this car feels and drives like an ///M car, tossing you all over the place, delivering that thrilling, joyous drive just like its predecessors did, and despite all of that having a turbo in it for the first time then I’ve got nothing to complain about. Sorry, with all due respect I look forward:)

      • Mateo says:

        no, you are right, i’m looking forward to this car too, i’m sure it will be amazing it’s just sad that there won’t be that classic M things like manual gearbox and NA high rev engines!

        • auaq says:

          I think I read at bimmerpost.com that whoever found the vin number was able to extract some insight valuable information about it. It seems that BMW have not yet or are probably not going to ditch the manual transmission for the M3/M4 cars. So, keep those fingers crossed.

  2. Kit says:

    Nice job taking Bimmerpost’s image and editing their logo out of it.

  3. digivue says:

    I’ll wait with the judgment until the car is out. Just don’t put the lame eLSD, keep the real one.

  4. S65 > S55 and its not even out yet

    • auaq says:

      Oh boy! Here we go again. People and their forecast, really?? Then don’t come back saying that you lost against the S55 with your S65!

      I feel history is repeating again. When the s65 or E90 M3 came out, everybody were complaining about its weight, looks, and what not. Everyone said, “No the last true ///M3 was the E46 one.”

      Then there were people when the new S54 or the E46 M3 came out, everybody said the same thing with the E36 being the best.

      And, so on …….

      I ask politely and humbly, when is this going to stop? Probably never, I suppose!

  5. BMW #1 car says:

    the new car is awesome i mean this company will never stop making awesome cars i mean from day one this company was a success

  6. BMW #1 car says:

    i think bmw will always be the best car in the world BEST IN THE WORLD BABY

  7. BMW #1 car says:

    if you do not agree post to me my name is bmw #1 car

  8. BMW #1 car says:

    did you know that half of bugatti engine is made of BMW true facts i am a bmw expert

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