Editorial: 2013 BMW X1 configurator – Too complex and confusing

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I am right in the middle of BMW X1’s demographic. BMW addicted, married and blessed with a wonderful ten year old daughter. We ski. We …

I am right in the middle of BMW X1’s demographic. BMW addicted, married and blessed with a wonderful ten year old daughter. We ski. We bike. We travel. Then this winter, my daughter got tall enough to ride in the front seat of our 2007 BMW X3 3.0si and she discovered to joy of a heated leather seat. Next has ensued much bartering with her over who gets the front seat when we travel as a family in the winter, and I so I’ve promised our next BMW would have heated rear seats. Remarkably BMW’s added heated rear seats as an option on the F30 3 Series but as I discovered not in the X1.

We love our X3 and it’s been problem free but had been intrigued by the X1. So it was a selfish trip I took to the BMW online configuration on BMWUSA.com where I sadly learned the contents of the Cold Weather package wont meet my particular families needs. In addition, I found it a rather confounding build your own BMW experience.

X1conf2 655x405

BMW has three lines for the X1, in similar manner to F30 3 Series’ lines. The major caveat with the X1 configurator is that you cannot not pick a line to add to your base price. Like the double negative?

I was reading Autoblog app on my iPhone early one morning before work while sipping coffee at a local bagel store and I stumbled across this. Autoblog has a write up on how confusing BMW’s configurator for the X1 model in particular is. It’s an interesting read and definitely mirrored my own experience. “It might appear that the starting price is $31,545 then, but strangely, you must order one of the trim lines and that adds another $1,900 for the X and Sport Lines, or $2,500 for the M Sport Line on the sDrive28i and xDrive28i, and $3,000 on the xDrive35i.”

I did figure a way to get the configurator to the base price but it took a while and at first I couldn’t replicate it. To truly get to the base price on BMWUSA.com’s X1 configurator, you select Le Man’s blue metallic which adds the M Sport line, then follow this by selecting black and choosing yes you do indeed want to drop the M sport line. Then all is removed.

Simple, n’est pas? I am sure they’ll clean it up after all, it just went live and the X1 isn’t even for sale in the U.S. yet.

X1Config 655x135

15 responses to “Editorial: 2013 BMW X1 configurator – Too complex and confusing”

  1. RennTiger says:

    Is it available in Valencia Orange? Then I could park it next to my 1M. Love that color.

  2. wdeal says:

    it is confusing however when on the initial page just choose the fourth X1 labeled ” X1 sdrive28i” to the right of the “M sport line”. This will start the configure at the base model.
    (when you click “build your own” from the main BMWusa or X1 page, it WILL default to a “line” option… just click the base model and you’ll be good)

  3. JRobUSC says:

    the configurator is always glitchy, especially when it first goes up. Case in point, I tried building an all-wheel drive 3er and a 3er hybrid when those went up earlier in the week (just for fun I wanted to see how expensive you could make one) and it will not allow you to add the Premium Package. It would add it… and then immediately remove it. I have not checked since to see if that has been fixed, but it’s worth noting that even without the premium package you can get a 335xi, and especially a 3er hybrid, to hit stratospheric prices. The 3er hybrid, for example, I got to over $63k before I just stopped. My 2008 535xi was about as loaded as the car could get (sport, vented seats, nav, and much more) it was only $65k. The 3er has gone waaaaaaay up. BMW needs to bring out a 1-Series sedan quickly.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Wow! $63k for a loaded 3er Hybrid? That is a lot of money and I wonder how many will sell.

      • JRobUSC says:

        BTW, maybe they changed the configurator for the X1, but it’s easy to choose a “non-line” X1. Once you select your model and you’re on the “Select Your Line to Get Started” page, you just have to click the vehicle all the way to the right (in fact you have a photo of it in the article above, so in your case skip all the “lines” and click “X1 sDrive28i”). The more confusing part happens when you are in the middle of configuring the car and you pick something you can’t get with that line/non-line, and it kicks you into one of the others. For example, if you try to choose “Sport Steptronic” on a 3-Series, suddenly your non-line/Luxury Line/Modern Line becomes a Sport Line. Or if you choose an interior specific to one of the other lines, it kicks you into that line regardless of what you started building.

  4. Otto says:

    Don’t bother, get yourself a new RR Evoque. Your wife and daughter would be grateful.

  5. Jonathan Michaels says:

    Great article Chuck!

    As someone pointed out before, I’m sure they will work out the kinks and I’m glad that you keep BMW honest and hopefully they will read these reports.

    I just played with the X1 configurator and you’re right, a bit confusing and in a way, it turns you off. People are already spending good money for a car, so why not make it “sexy” and easy to use?

  6. Truong Giang says:

    I like the Configurator on BMW UK website, ways cooler!

  7. rb says:

    BMW USA’s web team are pathetic when it comes to QA testing. The new 2013 3 configurator has several errors. The 640i Gran Coupe configuration does too. It shows a lack of concern about sweating the details and it reflects poorly on BMW.

  8. Amory says:

    I had no trouble with the configuration.. You just have to be willing to try several variations. My complaint is the lack of specs – dimensions, weight, ground clearance, etc.

    • The defaults on the X1 configurator have changed since this got published. Features & Spec’s have a 3rd tab to the right top that lists weight, dimensions, payload but dont list ground clearance. Thanks for the comment

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